Carving By:kaRIm alhamwi

This is the basic use of the logo I chose to carve. This logo is the Triforce, or the holy power in the kingdom of Hyrule. This logo originated in the game "The Legend Of Zelda" which came out on February 21, 1986 created by Nintendo. I got the idea of chooosing this logo because I was recently playing The Legend Of Zelda:Ocarina Of Time. I searched up Ocarina Of Time Triforce to find the ultimate design.

What I did to customize my design was in Easel.Inventables, I added the text of Hyrule under the Triforce, to signify its importance in the kingdom of Hyrule.To make sure my design would carve well, I made sure that all of the lines were thick enough.

To make my project ready for carving,I had to bring it in to easel.inventables . What I had to do to bring it in to easel successfully was to color in my design with a Sharpie marker. Then, I took a picture on my iPad and AirDropped it to the computer, and brought it into easel. In order to make it fit onto the carving, I had to re-size it.

What the Carvey machine did to carve my design was follow a pattern to follow my lines and end up carving the machine.
The finished product was very succesful, turned out just as I had planned. The design was just like in the video game, and the text gave it a nice crisp sense to it.

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