Sunday Memo April 2, 2017

CVMS staff, parents and students are working towards a more inclusive school environment – through attending workshops and engaging in conversations about race, equity and empathy. The week before spring break, our school hosted the first of two Equity workshop for interested participants. Many members of our Community Council attended the Equity workshop on Monday and Tuesday. The feedback was very positive. One of our parent representatives to the Community Council shared that she felt honored to be included in such a powerful workshop – with a common goal of supporting and celebrating all of our students and families. As we continue this work in our district through the All Means All initiative and at CVMS through our work around Upstanding and Kindness Matters, remember that you have an important role to play. To learn more about how staff can help cultivate empathy in their students, click on the following link from Edutopia:

In my last Friday Folder, I also shared resources for parents to cultivate empathy in their children. Here is the link to the Harvard Graduate School of Education resources on cultivating empathetic children:

It’s a great time to reflect on where were are as a school community and how we can support this important work for our kids. Speaking of kids, we get to welcome our 2017 6th grade class on April 6th. It’s one of the most enjoyable nights of the year for me – I love to connect with our new students, meet families and share our school mission and vision for learning. If you are a 6th grade core teacher or an elective teacher, I hope to see you on Thursday. If you have some extra time and energy to help out, we could use some extra hands to prepare for our 6th grade welcome night - just connect with me via email or in the hallways.

Weekly Reminders

  • Most of our Community Council will participate in a superintendent engagement session at the D.O. on Monday from 4-5:30. The purpose of this engagement is to get feedback from all of our school site councils as our district makes decisions about next steps to support our mission and vision. A second engagement session is scheduled for Thursday of this week for those who cannot make the Monday session.
  • The GFU job fair is scheduled for Monday evening. I will participate, as I usually do, to meet newly graduated teacher candidates and also provide advice/suggestions for young teachers who are passionate about teaching.
  • I am also representing NSD at the Oregon Teacher Fair on Tuesday. This is an opportunity to network and to represent our district at a state-wide teacher hiring event. While we do not know all of the ramifications of our budget situation, I believe it is important to give back to the teaching community by participating in these kind of events.
  • Tuesday afternoon is our next scheduled staff meeting. We will focus on Professional Learning (3:00-4:00). If you are interested in hosting our PL staff meeting in your classroom, please connect with me on Monday.
  • Wednesday late-start is a staff directed late-start.
  • Our incoming 6th grade AVID night is scheduled for Wed., April 5 from 5:30-7 PM.
  • The optional PL workshop on Thursday is a refresher on CPS (Collaborative Problem Solving). The session is scheduled from 3-4 PM. This session counts for snow make-up hours. (2 hours).
  • Our annual 6th grade welcome night is scheduled for Thursday, April 6 from 6:30- 8 PM. If you are a 6th grade core content teacher, or an elective teacher with 6th grade students, you will be introduced at a welcome assembly in the gym and then have the chance to meet students and parents in the commons.
  • Both Casey and I will participate in our last School Retool workshop in Friday, April 7th. This workshop series has been energizing, challenging and collaborative. Unlike many professional workshops, I always leave energized and full of ideas. I look forward to continue networking, learning and designing with other administrators in our region long after the workshops are completed. Mike Alpert will fill in for us on Friday.

Health Update

We were informed that a CV student has been diagnosed with Pertussis (Whooping Cough) over spring break. While we have no information about the specific student, we do have details about pertussis from the Yamhill County Dept. of Health:

Students may be sick now or develop illness through April 10th. Pertussis is spread through direct contact with nose and throat mucus and airborne droplets. Symptoms of pertussis include cold-like symptoms followed in one to two weeks by coughing fits that can keep coming for weeks to months. During coughing attacks, young children may gag, gasp or strain to inhale, making the high-pitched whooping sound. This may be followed by vomiting or exhaustion. Fever is usually absent or minimal. Pertussis is treated with antibiotics.

Our parent community will receive communication from the district about the situation on Monday. There is a small chance of infection from this isolated incident, however, I wanted to make sure you were informed before we sent out direct communication to CV parents.


Many teachers use Norman Webb’s framework in developing assignments, but it can also be shared with students to help them develop literacy skills. To learn more about this powerful planning and teaching tool, click on the link below:

Cheers, Karen


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