The Lost Sword By: sam coffman

One sunny, afternoon Xavier was was digging into boxes in his grandpa's basement, Xavier was trying to find his blanket that he lost a couple days ago.

Xavier came across a weird looking box, he opened the box and came across a weird looking book, the book had ancient designes on it.

He opened the book and saw nothing but blank pages he flipped threw all the pages and saw nothing except for the last page he saw a map and words that said this sword was his fathers and it controlled the universe.

Xavier went back upstairs and told his grampa he needs to go somewhere for a while and his grampa let him go becouse he was a 21 now and he could do what he wanted without his grandpas permission.

So Xavier went to go find his father sword. Xavier first crossed a grass plain. He only brung 2 gallons of water and a loaf of bread. He also brung a pocket knife just in case he comes across something bad.

After about a couple of days of walking he finally made it to the destination were his father put his sword.he had to clime a snowy mountain, So he started climbing it he had only 1/3 of his gallon of water left and only one slice of bread

After climbing it for about 5 hours, Xavier was close to the top of the mountain when he heard a roar sound he looked behind him and saw a doghound, a dog hound had sharp teeth and had wings so it could fly

Xavier quickly pulled out his pocket knife and threw it at the monster, the doghound quickly stoped flying and fell to the ground. He then reached the top of the mountain and saw the sword stuck into the mountain.

He picked up the sword and he jumped up and down with excitement that he found the sword that controlled the universe. He then had to go find water and food becouse he was out now and he was starving with hunger. So he quickly started to climb down.

While Xavier was climbing down he met a frendily golem Xavier asked the golem if he had any food or water and the golem proudly gave him some food and water. Xavier thanked him and went on his way back to town.

After he climed down the mountain he went through the grass plain and he made it back to his grampas house with the sword in his back pack. He then took the sword and locked it into a safe under ground.

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