Go Kart Project Ethan Lemon

Problem Statement- The goal for us in this project is to design, build and test a drill powered go kart that will compete on three courses endurance handling and acceleration. We will have the next 3 months to complete and build our go kart. We have a $25.00 budget that we will need to use to buy any materials that we will need that will help make our go kart. The materials that we will be supplied with are a 18 volt drill, a single sheet of 3/4 inch plywood, random hardware we find around the class room, and wood glue. other materials that we will need to acquire are wheels chains and gears so our kart can operate fully. We will also need memory foam for our seat so our driver can be comfortable. But also we need the three prong connecters for the braking system and axels to connect.


This picture helped us develop a idea for how we wanted to design our drill powered go kart and generate a general design.
This picture helps us get a general design of how an axel on our drill powered go kart will operate and work functionally.


This is a picture helps us get a general design of what we want our axels on the bottom of our go kart to look and operate.
This image shows that we want a simple and fully operating brake system.
This image shows measurements and the general idea of what we want the base of our drill powered go kart will look like.
This is sketch is about the top view which shows us more lengths.
This is another sketch of the kart which shows support on the bottom and the braking system.
This is a photo of our seat and the seats dimensions and how
Heres the final sketch that we drew of our cart.
Here is the axel that we will use for our our go kart.
Heres the finished assembly of our go kart with the brake, Axel and seat.
Here is Cullen drilling in the screws 2 inches inside the wood to make sure it went with the ruler guidelines.
Here is harry working on the tool paths and making sure there are no problems so we can have a clean cut on our base.
Here is the finished tool path that the shop bot would follow and cut out the base of our kart. We did 4 passes instead of 2 to guarantee that we would not break the bit.

Here we have a image of Cullen and our finished base. we have one system implemented the seat now we will move onto tires, breaks, axels, and steering.

Here we have Tamia and harry working on the Axel and wheels for our go kart. They are tightening nuts and bolts to allow the wheels to stay in place and be sturdy.

Here we have the back set of wheels attached. We used metal to hold it down and keep it sturdy so it wouldn't move around and would stay in place while the kart was moving.

Heres the final pieces of the tires we attached the front tires no next we will attempt to get the steering and break system done.

Here me and jocylnn are applying the new base to the bottom of our go kart for better support.
Here we have me and harry applying the breaks system to our go kart so we can have a good system.
Here we have the go kart before testing with all of our systems implemented except for the throttle body.
Here we have the go kart after testing with Harry and Jocelyn and the front axle snapped and broke.

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