Florida Museum of Natural History a Whimsical journey through old Florida and nature

Nature on Display:

Being given the opportunity to explore through this museum was not only an enlightening experience but an overall enjoyable one. Learning new facts is so interesting and leaves me feeling good about how I spent my day. While the museum as a whole was wonderful, I felt that the butterfly and deep sea exhibits piqued my interest the most. The butterfly exhibit, being the first one I experienced, was the most open and inviting. Upon entering I already felt excitement rush through my veins and my childhood curiosity got the best of me. The pictures of magnified butterflies were gorgeous and learning about how they grow and change in different seasons was so interesting to learn, especially since I never thought of butterflies changing how they grow in different seasons. The windows letting in natural light and the vivid interactive stations made it all the more enjoyable and magnificent. After looking through the variety of butterfly species, my roommate and I went out to the most interactive part of the whole experience, the butterfly forest, which was the most inclusive and up close way to learn. The butterflies soared above us and really made me much happier to be able to point out which species we just saw and knowing specific facts about each one. Being able to learn about the way their tongues roll up and unroll in order to such up nectar is very intriguing and ever more cool to see up close. Being a visual learner myself I like to be able to physically see something up close to fully understand. Also just finding out butterflies main function in nature itself was nice to find out and discover. The whole exhibit itself just made me feel included in on how butterflies work and what their main focus is in nature. It made me feel the most knowledgeable and excited to go through and experience first-hand.

The entire museum was all-together enjoyable, but I definitely had the most fun in the butterfly area of the museum. The way the museum is set up is very open and informational, but doesn't overwhelm the viewer trying to take in everything. It made for a very welcoming and educational experience that included visual learners as well as those who prefer the written word. The entire Florida Museum was inclusive and fun to go through, almost as if you aren't learning anything at all while still absorbing new knowledge like a sponge.

Nature and Ethics

Much like Leopold, I like to think that I uphold the idea that we should all "love, respect and admire" the land and to treat it with respect. All living things, regardless if they're plants, animals, or humans, need to be treated with respect. The museum most definitely contributed to that thought of how to treat nature and experience it as a whole instead of a separate entity. While going through the museum I felt more in touch with nature and what Florida provides for us on a daily basis or what it did provide for the Calusa tribes. I felt like I was a part of something bigger and I thought that nature is not only beautiful but is such a big part of our lives that we overlook. Being able to look at the Calusa tribes that used to live on Florida lands long ago and how they lived off the land and were a part of nature itself just made me feel very proud. Being able to see the butterflies in their natural environment or seeing the Calusa tribe leaders hut gave the visitors of the museum a chance to immerse themselves into our rich history on these very lands and to pay respect to what we are around all the time. It gives the visitors the chance to experience nature and to take a step back mentally and reflect on how they can change themselves to become a part of nature. I feel that the museum only furthered my feelings of wanting to enjoy nature the way it's presented and that all things are beautiful, even if on the outside they may not be aesthetically pleasing. I feel that we all need to take care of the world around us as much as it takes care of us back. The environment does so much for us daily so it's only right to give back and to cherish it.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Going through the Florida Natural History Museum is equivalent to being transported to a new world. Once through the doors, all of your worries and problems seem to be left at the door as your brain prepares to be educated on nature. The museum helps us to embrace nature and to expand our minds history that happened on the same soil that we live on. It's hard to dwell on problems with the outside world when you're looking at butterflies and being immersed into the deep sea. It helps people realize our place in the earth and our standing on the chain of living things. Being able to connect the dots of where we came from in Florida and how we adapted with the constant changes in technology. After viewing the museum exhibits it expands our minds to better understand and ponder how we knew how to do the things we're capable of now. The advancement of technology is easy to overlook in today's society until you think about how we got to where we are today and that we hard to start somewhere. Being able to look at the old tribes that used to live on Florida lands, such as the Calusa, and seeing how they grew and developed to make our society today is positively mind-blowing. It really gives everyone a better understanding and admiration for how we all evolved and adapted through the decades. This not only goes for humans, but also the animals that evolved and changed over time. Seeing how our regular three-toed sloth came from a giant sloth, which was easily the height of three of myself standing on top of one another, is intriguing and creates a sort of mystery as to why animals like that didn't survive and adapted to become the smaller sloth we all know of today. There were many other animals just like that that created an heir of mystery about them and sparked some curiosity and questions. Being at the museum creates interest and gets people to really appreciate the mystery of the world and the majesty of it all. Being able to step out of ordinary life and consider what used to be is extremely interesting.

Gigantic Shark Teeth!

A part of the Calusa exhibit explaining what they believed happens after dying.

Beautiful butterfly chair outside of the forest!

Ant sculpture outside of the museum

A magnified crab larvae

My new bestfriend in the deep sea exhibit

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