The night before Christmas Eve before the madness

‘Twas the night before the Eve of Christmas, when all thro’ the house,

Not a creature was stirring, except for a click of the Mouse

The stockings were hung under the TV with care,

In hopes that the children wouldn’t snoop there;

The children were curled up and all snug in their beds,

While visions of gifts and tamales danced in their heads,

And Mom was working out, on to her next rep,

Dad’s fingers were clicking as he wrote out his next step.

With Christmas (and other Holidays some celebrate) coming to an end, one can only look back at the year of 2016 and say damn! The year flew by fast! Like crazy fast! It is nice to step back and just think of everything that has happened this year. I have met awesome new people, stepped into a culture I had no clue existed. As well, I took a deeper dive into myself and my own “spiritual” well being. I’ve learned that as a dad, I have to be able to have strength in myself in order for my kids to have strength in me. Being a Dad is a tough spot and this year was very testing of that. However it is somehting I would never regret stepping into. I hope you as readers also take a moment to step back and reflect on your 2016. With 2017 approaching fast, we can all look towards new goals, new experiences, and new adventures!

- Joe

Created By
Joseph Hernandez



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