Feature Friday: Mary Elizabeth Cox by katie holt

Senior Mary Elizabeth Cox spent her summer volunteering for Eddie Mannis’s campaign. Eddie Mannis is running in the mayoral election in Knoxville.

“I got the job kind of just by signing up,” Cox said. “I had some free time, and my mom offered up the idea that it could be cool to help with a campaign since I’m so interest in politics.”

However, Cox wanted to work on a campaign for someone she shared a perspective with.

“I researched all of the mayoral candidates and I really loved Eddie Mannis’s ideas and his message of making the city of Knoxville for all.”

Cox signed up online and a few weeks later she was helping out in the office. Cox spends her time in the office phone banking, sending letters, and door knocking.

“It’s been a really awesome experience and I’d love to do more of it in the future. It’s great to see the inner workings of a campaign and get to see its impact on a local level,” Cox said.

In addition to working on the campaign, Cox is active in Student Council, her dance team, and swim team.

“It has been a struggle since I’ve started school, especially with how busy things are with Spirit Week coming up, because I don’t get to go help in the office as much as I'd like to.”

Cox is passionate about her role in the office and loves the difference she’s able to make by helping the community to stay informed about the local election. Cox won’t be able to vote in this election, but she’s glad she can contribute to the important civic duty.

“It’s extremely sad that I won’t be able to vote come time for the elections, but overall, I wanted to do this so I could really get to know my community and be involved in it.”