The evoultion of dogs By deveN

The evoultion of dogs originally was thought that the grey wolf was the beginning of dogs. Most dogs evolved off of other dogs like the German Shepard and the Boxer.. The husky and the German Shepard have a huge resemblance..

The grey wolf

Recently research shows that the beginning of dogs started around 10,000- 38,000 years ago around Europe and Asia. Another interesting fact is that a researcher pulled DNA from a mordern day dog and found more evidence that wolves and dogs split up a while ago.

Reacher have found out that the modern day dog is related to a five toed weasel like animal called a Miacis which lived around 60 million years ago. This animal was the forebear of many animals, such as hyena, fox, wolf and jackal. Which all have a resembleance to the dog. After the Miacis it then came the Cynodictis.. It started to form legs to run. Then it came the Tomarctus. This was extremely like a dog. It deveploped strong social skills which are still in dogs.


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