Intro to Digital Photography p1-30 “You don't take a photograph, you make it.” ― Ansel Adams

My photography i s usually about people. I usually take pictures at events. I edit my pictures using Lightroom and mainly concentrate on the essentials. I love photography because their is a special type of magic when you first see the image appear on the paper slowing through the fog of the chemicals.

Story Telling

  • What I got out of this project? I really enjoy using this medium for sharing and creating content for sharing images.
  • How I took these pictures? I was at the Festival of Trees and I was taking pictures to be given as a thank you for our Buena Photography CTSO for the Sierra Vista Mall.
  • How I edited the pictures? all of the images were edited using Lightroom; cropping and basic edits (exposure, contrast, highlights/shadows, whites/blacks)
  • What type of composition styles did you use? All of the images use a simple isolation as the main composition style, but often I use multiple composition styles even in cropping (rule of thirds, leading lines, etc...)
  • Tell Me More: I was an fun experience to have special access to the tree, but I decided to take a few images on the way out to show to my students how to isolate using bokeh and it ended up being a compact story all of it's own.
A winter wonderland; who are you?
A winter wonderland, I wonder?
A winter wonderland, yeah I'm looking at you;)
A winter wonderland, ooh it is sparkly
A winter wonderland; ho, ho, ho;)
A winter wonderland; ah, how cute;)
A winter wonderland; whoops i lost three
A winter wonderland; Happy Holidays to All!

The Next Adventure


Buena Photography-Mr. K (NK2)

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