Film And Video Editor By:Alexus Waligora

Film And Video Editors do stuff like editing videos and putting videos together for companies they also make movies and short movies they also can make black and white movies but they also just take photos and turn them into videos...

This is one short film that someone made who works at post-it and they posted it as a advertisement for their company

As a film and video editor make about $57,210 per year...that's would mean if you divide that by how many days are in a year you would get $156.73

You would have to study Geometry and Algebra in high school to become a film and video editor

This profession can also help you become a photographer, Talent director, Radio host, TV host etc...

Some things that they do is cut short sequences to different angles at specific points in the scenes, Study scripts, Edit films and videotapes to insert music, Dialogue and sound effects, etc...

Here is one example of short films that I found on YouTube...

This is some of the equipment that they use

Here are some pictures that are professionally taken


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