The Best of What Canada has to Offer By: Dylan Kokilepersaud

Canadian education

Canadian Education

In Canada we have a free education system where children can go to public schools going from kindergarten to the end of grade 12. The children can also be home schooled or go to a private school( Education system in Canada). It is good that Canada has options to go to a public school or a private school because if the parents of the child doesn't want them to go to a public school, the parent can chose what school they think is good for the child. In Canada there is no federal department of education but in each province and territory they have there own ministry or department of education that would help their province or territory. So, each province and territory can have have different rules. In the Canadian education system you go to school from September until June. Also in elementary schools the courses that you do in those schools are compulsory courses while in secondary schools there are some compulsory courses and some optional courses. In each province and territory there are school boards and districts that would higher staff and choose the academic programs( Education system in Canada).

The reason why I like the Canadian education system is because you can have a free education, there are many school options that you can go to and when you are in high school you can choose what courses you want to do. This is a good education system because in high school you chose the courses that you like and do them. It is good that you can do this because now you can focus on the courses that would relate to the career that you would want to do. Something else is that since you can choose what school you can go to, you can go to schools that would major on one topic or you can just go to a normal school. Also since there is school boards and districts, these people would choose the programs that the schools would do and by doing this you can do different programs in one place and and different programs in another place.

Canadian Diversity

Canadian Diversity

In Canada there are many people of different cultures and religions in Canada and in 2006 1,692,900 foreign born people came to Canada. In Canada most of the Foreign born population lives in the provinces Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec and Alberta. The people that would immigrate to Canada say their mother tongue language is English which is 23.8% of of the people that immigrate to Canada and 3.4% speak french. Also in Canada three quarters of Canada's population can speak in more than one language. Another thing is that the different religions in Canada are 22.1 million people are Christian that is two thirds of Canada's population, one million are Muslims which is 3.2% of the Canadian population, 1.5% are Hindus, 1.4% are Sikh, 1.1% are Buddist and 1.0% are Jewish(Immigration and Ethnoculture Diversity in Canada).

I like the diversity in Canada because since there are many cultures and religions in Canada you can see different kind of stores and holidays during the year. Since Canada has so much diversity there are so many different kind of holidays during the year like for example, there is Diwali and Chinese new year. If there wasn't all of these cultures and religions here in Canada there wouldn't be any of these holidays here in Canada because no one with those cultures and religions are in Canada. Another thing is that there different kind of stores and restaurants because of the diversity like for example, there are Chinese food restaurants and Indian restaurants. It is good that Canada has all of this diversity because you get to see different kind of things every day.

Canadian Agriculture

Canadian Agriculture

The Canadian food industry in Canada would make dairy, oil seeds, cereals, grains, live stock, red meat, organics, poultry, eggs and special crops(Overview: Canadian Government Departments and Agencies). Since Canada would make all of these different things, there has to be farms and there are 205,730 farms in Canada. There are 205,730 farms in Canada and there needs to be people to run these farms and the amount of farm operators in Canada is 293,825 and the the average age of a farmer is 54 years old. There are a lot of farms in Canada and farms would take up land so, the amount of land that all the farms take up in Canada is 64.8 million hectares of land(2016 Cenus of Agriculture).

I like the agriculture in Canada because there are many types of foods being grown in Canada and since you have to grow food there are many jobs for people to make there own farms and grow vegetables and fruits. The agriculture in Canada is good because when I go to the grocery store there are many different vegetables and fruits to buy. Also Canada has a big population and they still have enough food to supply the amount of people in Canada like for example, there is enough beef, pork, chicken and other meats for all the people in Canada to eat. Another thing is that since there is many farms in Canada this can make a lot of jobs because you need a lot of people to run a farm and this would make jobs for people that need a job.


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