Codeine Juan iglesias

1, Codeine-

  • Definition- A sleep inducing and analgesic drug derived from morphine.
  • Drug Class- Narcotic
  • Legal or Illegal- Its an Legal drug

2, Slang Words-

  • Lean
  • Dirty Sprite
  • Purple Jelly

3, Kind of drug is it ?

  • Synthetic drug
  • The Drug Schedule is Tylenol

4, What does it look like ?

  • It looks like purple syrup.

5, How is the drug use ?

  • Its used as a pain medication or cough medicine

6, History of the drug

  • Where was it first used ? In 1804 a German pharmacist discovered how to isolate morphine from opium, Then got popular in the 1830's and is known as codeine.
  • What is it used for ? Pain

7, Addiction

  • Addictive? Its an addictive drug
  • Fatal? Its fatal if its not prescribed
  • Tolerance? continuous cough or unchanging pain are most common indicators that codeine tolerance exists.
  • Symptoms? Slow breathing, muscle weakness, and heart rate.

8a, What are the effects on the body ? (Short term)

  • The effects that codeine does to the body are many different symptoms, These symptoms are drowsiness, lightheaded, nausea, and vomiting. Other reaction may be allergic reactions.

8b, effects on the body (long term)

9, What part of the brain does it damage ?

  • It affects regions of the brain.

10, Important info

  • It can cause symptoms and this is a drug you can overdose from. It has combinations with like Advil or Aspirin this is not a drug to play around with.

11, My story

  • There was this guy named Michael an he addicted to marijuana. The only reason he was smoking it was because he saw many rapper smoking it and talking about it so he wanted to try it an hes been addicted. Then there was another song talking about lean aka codeine an him an his friends looked up how to make it and there was many tutorials. An about 24 hours later he started getting drowsiness and headaches and his heart beating fast an coughing. He thought it was a cold but it was symptoms because he had to much. An 4 hours later he was found dead.

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