Vincent Vaccaro Chemistry Acid Base 3/17/17

Pine-Sol: Purple watery substance. pH: 9 - Base solution

Ketchup: Thick, red solution. pH: 6 - Acidic Solution

Stomach Relief: Thick, pink solution. pH: 7 - Neutral Solution

Body Spray: Thin soapy solution, clean smell. pH: 8 - Base Solution

Borax Detergent: Clear substance, rocks at bottom of cup. pH: 10 - Base Solution

Olive Oil: Yellow thick substance. pH: 7 - Neutral Solution

Lysol Cleaner: Soapy, clear and yellow. pH: 10 - Base Solution

Lemon Juice: Yellow watery substance. pH: 1 - ACID

Sprite Soda: Clear watery substance. pH: 5 - Acidic Substance

Vanilla Extract: Clear, watery brown substance. pH: 5 - Acidic Solution

Hummingbird Nectar: Thin red substance. pH: 1 - Acid

Miracle Grow Plant Food: Watery brown, seeds on bottom, or nutrients. pH: 7 - Neutral Solution

Taco Bell Hot Sauce: Thick, brown substance, Burning smell. pH: 6 - Acidic Solution

Carpet Cleaner: Soapy, clear substance. pH: 7 - Neutral Substance

AquaSafe Plus: Soapy clear substance. pH: 9 - Base


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