Constitution curation By, kenny salls

The Executive Branch

The executive branch enforces the laws and makes sure the bill gets sighned, they can also nominate Supreme Court justices and can veto bills. The president also has a term of 4 year and a term limit of 8 years

The judicial branch

The judicial branch is in charge of the meanings of laws and how to apply it to real life situations, also the judicial branch is in charge to determine wheather a law is breaking the rules of the constitution or not. The U.S Supreme Court is the highest ranking court in the United States and is also apart of the judicial branch.

The legislative branch

The legislative branch is in charge of writing laws and consists of the the House of Representatives and the senate. One of the checks and balances of the legislative branch is that they can override a veto.


Federalism is....? We have three branchs in Vermont, legislative, judicial and executive. In the legislative branch there are 30 state senators, while the House of Representatives has 150 members. The executive branch has the governor, and the state agencies. Our governor is Phil Scott. Federalism allows Vermont to be an independent state but we still have to follow the central government's laws.

How a bill becomes a law

A bill, or proposed law, that is passed by a majority of the house and the senate is sent to the president. If the president sighs the bill, it becomes law. A bill can also become law without the president signature. The president can refuse to act on a bill. if congress is in session at the time, the bill becomes law 10 days after the president receives it. The president can veto, or reject, a bill by sending it back tot he house where it was introduced, if the president refuses to act on a bill and congress adjourns within 10 days, then the bill dies. This way of killing a bill without taking action is called the pocket veto. Congress can override the presidents veto if each house of congress passes the bill again by a two-thirds vote.

Source (prentice hall America history of our nation pg231)


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