Namaste Navigators

Day 1: Humayun's Tomb

Welcome to New Delhi, India! You have landed at Indira Gandhi International Airport. Just a half hour away is your first stop; Humayun's Tomb! The tomb started to be built in 1565 AD and was finished in 1572 AD because the emperor (Humayun) recently died, and the empress demanded a tomb be built for him. But the tomb looks more like a palace.

The inside of Humayun's Tomb is a mix between Indian and Persian art styles. Once, Humayun's Tomb and the garden were attacked because the last Mugal Emperor was staying in there. Luckily William Finch [an English merchant who went to trade with the king right before the attack] was able to describe it so it was rebuilt.

The palace's creation costed India 1,500,000 rupees, the currency of India. In American dollars it would be: $21,666.66. Just think how much more it would cost today with construction companies, plumbing, utilities, and etc.

When you go outside, you can enjoy the wonderful garden! But don't let that trick you. The garden is home to over 150 tombs [Each with exciting history to share] and corpses! Hey... that would be a good zombie movie plot!! Afterwards you will spend your time at the hotel, "B Nineteen Bed & Breakfast"! Enjoy your stay!

Humayun's Tomb
Day 2: Taj Mahal

Today in our tour, make sure to drop off your luggage at the hotel, bring lots of ice water, sun screen, and light cloths, because it will be very hot when you visit. Before the tour, you may walk around Agra and have breakfast at some local restaurants. Today you will visit a mausoleum of grandeur and love, the Taj Mahal. Here, you will learn about the interesting and rich history of the palace, ensuring you will be an expert by the time you leave. But feel free to roam the grounds before the guided tour begins.

We will first board a helicopter at a local airport for a breathtaking aerial view of the Taj Mahal, and get an exclusive view you will never forget. After the aerial tour we will take a bus from the airport back to the Taj Mahal for a more in-depth tour. When you explore the grounds, you may leave your shoes on, but when you are ready to go inside, we will provide special booties for those of you that would like to keep your shoes on. If you don’t want them, you can remove your shoes and go in with your socks or bare feet. Like earlier, you may stay after the guided tour for a more personal experience.

After you visit the Taj Mahal, you are free to walk to the nearby shops. Or if you’re looking for some amazing places to eat and rest, you should check out the Bob Marley Cafe, YES Restaurant, and Dostea Cafe to get a unique taste of an Indian cuisine. You may also enjoy visiting the Taj Gift Shop for souvenirs to remember the amazing experience you had here. After you explore, we will meet up at your 5 star hotel, the Trident Agra. After we all get back, you are welcome to take a dip in the nice and relaxing pool or settle in for the night in our comfy room. You will be staying at the Trident Agra for a few more days. Enjoy!

Taj Mahal
Day 3: Agra Fort
Day 3: Red Fort

Hello, and welcome, this is day three of your tour Before you guys head off to explore the astonishing Agra Fort, and the historical Red Fort in Delhi,India, an important thing to know is that India can get very hot, so make sure to bring sunscreen and lots of water. Also the hotel you will be staying at is called Trident Agra and it’s located in Agra. On day 3 of your vacation you will be visiting Agra Fort and Red Fort. You’ll head to Agra Fort and tour the buildings inside. After that you will eat lunch back at the hotel and head to the Red Fort to explore the beautiful sights inside. After your done, you guys can head on over to a Pinch of Spice. After dinner snack and you can hang out. Maybe even at the pool. Then head to bed and wake up the next morning ready for day 4 .But before you go you need to know somethings. . In India, you can only eat with your right hand,and you don't use silverware but it’s okay to ask for some. You can also eat with a banana leaf, that's what they use for plates most of the time.Isn’t that awesome! That's it for day 3, and we hope you enjoy the rest of your stay.

Red Fort and Agra Fort
Day 4: Ajanta Caves

Welcome and today we will be taking you to the compelling ajanta caves. To start out the day we will be taking a cross country tour of the beautiful countryside. While you are on your way you will be sure to see the beautiful landscape and natural animal habitats as you travel through some remote areas in India.

When we arrive you will be able to check in and relax at the calming View Point Hotel. Take advantage of the free spa services provided by the hotel in order to relax and unwind from your travels. The next day, in the morning you will be able to try some traditional Indian breakfast, however don’t expect a full-course meal, due to indian tradition.

We then will go down to the beautiful Ajanta caves where we spend the next 1 and a half to 2 hours here. We will then go back to our hotel relax a little bit and then go eat lunch at the Ajanta caves view restaurant or if you want at the MTDC Ajanta Restaurant which is vegetarian. I recommend trying the chicken curry at the MTDC Ajanta Restaurant. Though the food is a bit expensive and they only accept cash.

Finally we will go back to our hotel. You can either relax at the hotel or go back to the Ajanta caves. You can also visit the upper view point which has a great view of the Ajanta caves we will then eat dinner at the hotel and stay the night. The next morning we will get packed and head to the airport for our journey home.

The Ajanta caves

By: Clark Lechtenberg, Evelyn Donart, Bryce Gowan, Omar Abou Ghanima, Zachary Martinez, Marissa Patterson, Ian Benge, Liam Swank, Ella Gambong, Piper Pearson, Manolo Owen, and Henry Allers.


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