Czech Republic Syncere money


Czech Republics location is in the Northern and Eastern hemisphere and is in Europe. The boardering countries are Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovokia. The capital city is Prague and the coordinates are 50°N and 15°E.

Physical Characteristics

Czech Republic is in the temperate zone and the lines of latitude are 23.5 and 66.5
The physical features are Mt. Snezka in the Sudetic Mountains which is 932 miles Danube river which is 1,777 miles long. The Caarpathian mountains is 8711 ft


Total population is the total number of people living in a country or a city. Czech Republic population has 10.6 million people and that is a medium size country and the rank is in 82nd place.

Czech republic is growing slow. Czech Republics fertility rate is 1.46 births

the five largest cities PRAGUE,brno, ostrava, plzen, olomouc. the net migration is 2.15 migrants out of 1,000 population. People are entering.


My country is developing. In order to be developed You have to have 30,000 GDP per capita, 78 years life expectancy, and 99% literacy rate. Czech Republic has 26,300 GDP per capita, 78.31 years life expectancy, and 99% Literacy rate. They are almost developed, but not quite.


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