Books Go Walkabout How to get started anD create a project

We really liked this dragon at Pok Fulam Campus at Kellett, the British International School, Hong Kong.

Books go Walkabout is an innovative project supporting literacy, developing reading and creating writers.

Our team works with you to create a perfect project for your school.

We work across the world with authors and schools bringing the best choices for you and your children.

Ifeoma Onyefulu in Hong Kong

Based in Cambridge, UK we have an educational background mixed with social values, and business skills.

We always bring a social benefit to the project.

We support children in Nepal with reading and getting to school.

How does it work?

Children at Pok Fulam, Kellett School Hong Kong get started on creating a plot for a dragon adventure in Hong Kong.

We arrange a visit to your school or a conversation with your team to plan the project. We link with your curriculum and offer books and authors that enhance student learning.

The cost for events is dependant on individual programmes.We meet with the school leaders to ensure the costs and project meet the school requirements.

Before the event... Books are sent to the school several weeks before the event.

Class teacher and Librarians receive preparation materials and resources.

Authors are involved in the preparation and are getting ready too.

Publishers support the project

Cheryl Moskowitz with children writing a class poem.

We organise the programme and help manage the timetables for space and classes. The type of work depends on the authors and the curriculum focus.

A cinquain develops into a poem

We create a portfolio of children's work at the school and on the website.

Work from Kellett School, Hong Kong

We evaluate the project with teachers and students.

We have authors books to sell directly to the children and teachers. It's always amazing how much interest the authors bring to children wanting to read more and more. Some children don't just read one book, they read the whole trilogy!

From 1 line of text, Carole Wilkinson helped Year 6 students to expand and redraft their writing.

We use resources from the authors and publishers to show, for example, editing processes and how often the draft is returned for more corrections. This really helps students to know that writing is not perfect at the first try.

After the event...

When we leave it is far from over and we stay in touch with the school. Students stay in touch with the authors through Books Go Walkabout.

Carole held the year 6 students and teachers entranced about Dragonkeeper

We support future programmes and bring added value to the school curriculum. We know that the books remain very special and are regularly read in the library, in the classrooms and at home.

It's a great success!

We have lots of authors ready to get started at schools and publishers willing to support the projects.

Books we have in stock by Sally Symes, M.P. Robertson and Mark Carthew and Mike Spoor

We have developed the projects and events below which are ready to go.

And Jackie Morris, Armin Greder and other authors too.

Writing using skills and creativity to improve writing.

Reading bringing books alive and supporting readers into new books

Early Years First steps into reading, enjoyment, exploring, sounds and pictures to create stories.

Non fiction how to use and create non fiction titles with illustrations and different styles like infographics.

Poetry Being creative and skilful in reading and writing poetry.

Dragons. The first of our theme events with a number of authors. Ideas galore, books and films, adventures , the past and future dragons.

Individual School Projects we can find authors for your own ideas, new projects always welcome at Books Go Walkabout.

Final assembly session at Kellett School

To find out more please contact us at Cambridge, email suemartin@ booksgowalkabout or phone +44 1223 911416.

Let's get started together, bringing more books a love of reading and adventure across the world.

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