Modelling Change Project Pewdiepie's sub count

This Project shows how math and graphs can be used in real life. I decided to look at the biggest YouTuber in the world, Pewdiepie. He currentlt has around 55 million subscribers. I graphed his monthly subscribers every 5 months . I used a graph to show this.

This wasn't just randomly thought up. It required a lot of calculations. And here are mine. first we had to graph points then find lines of best fit.

Blue Line
Orange Line

Next, for a challenge I decided to do a curve of best fit. Which's formula is ab^x + c

Blue Curve
Orange Curve

My graph is all over the place, but I think that my predictions are overall accurate after putting in all the variables and by looking at my graphs I have a pretty good idea of what his monthly subs in in 2067. PewDiePie's Channel will have 0.072 million subs. This seems very low but by this time his kids will be running it and that will make his monthly subs drop by 500k. and by my graph his subs are already slowly dropping even in the spikes. In 2117, if Youtube is still going on his channel will most definitely be dead or changed. his channel will have been changed a lot through the generations. So that's why I think his channel will have 0.00666m subs. That's pretty shocking because just 3 months ago Pewdiepie got 2.42 million subs just that month. This really shows how things can change over the years.

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