I had no idea what to expect. Cuba is both mystery and legend to Americans. What I found were a strong people, proud of their heritage and united in their love for their country.

Not to mention the views were breathtaking.

We were able to meet some of Cuba's finest along the way. People who love knowledge, appreciate culture, and fight hard for Cuba's future.

And some of them are maybe just a little tired.

Pictured clockwise: representatives from the local NGO in Habana, ; Isis ("the good one," as she says), a local agronomist; Amircal, the best guide in all of Cuba (who subsequently became not only our guide-but our dad, jefe, and friend; Negrita and Canelo, dogs cared for by the Revolution Museum in Habana.
Life in Cuba was fast-paced, and yet, easy-going. Wherever you went, though, people had smiles on their faces.

Everything about this mysterious and mystical place left me curious to learn more, and when I told the people I met that I would be back, I truly meant it.


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