Racing in the rain

"However things might change around us, we would always be together" (88).

Denny is saying no matter what happens if he has to go away or if something happens to eve or something goes wrong they will always have each other.

"Everything is going to be okay" (94).

Everything is going to be okay, it will pass, it will get better. It's okay if things happen you just have to wait for the good to come out of it.

"So much of language is unspoken. So much of language is made of looks and gestures" (101).

You can get so much more from actions like they say actions speak louder than words, they really do because sometimes the words your saying are harder to understand than the looks your given.

"Hands are the windows to a mans soul" (174).

You have to be able to feel what someone is going through to actually know, you feel with your hands and to get to someone you really have to connect.

"This is what she was afraid of" (86).

Eve was afraid of going to the hospital, she was scared that if she went in she wasn't gonna come back out.


Created with images by Danny Chapman - "Hand" • Mullica - "Window" • Sean MacEntee - "fear" • JanBaby - "heart beat heart beat"

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