Who's Coming for Dinner? An Open Curated Art Show About Sharing Meals

Last Year the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre celebrated the 10th anniversary of it's cookbook.

Just Add Shoyu was the brainchild of Russell Onizuka and Theresa Sano, wanting a book that captured the feeling of sitting around the kitchen table, enjoying Japanese Canadian comfort foods, reminiscing about food, and sharing stories that glimpse into their family's history.

(from Nikkei Voice)

This year, 2021, we are moving into our second year living with the COVID-19 pandemic and it has been a long time since we have been able to gather with loved ones from near or far to share dinner.

The JCCC Gallery would like to invite our community to set up their dining table for the guests they want to be with right now, but can't be OR show us your plan for the first meal and who you would invite when we are able to do so. Bring out your best dishes, plan for a feast of family and friend favourite foods. Show off your unique family specialties and delectables that are your cultural staples, your genius fusion inventions and your favourite comfort foods. Set this all up on your dining room or kitchen table and photograph it so we all can dream of feasting there too.

Send your photos and stories or description to us for inclusion in our virtual exhibition.

We start accepting entries now and and will continue to accept entries ongoing ...

Prizes will be awarded!

Themed Suggestions for your Setting

  • Formal diner party
  • Newly adapted Covid eating habits
  • Imaginary themed

Who is on Your Guest List?

  • Friends, family
  • Famous people you would love to dine with
  • Imaginary friends – anime or storybook characters, etc.


Your Name, a photo of your place setting in .jpg or .png. Images should be around 1000 x 1200 pixels in size or larger. Provide a short "story" or description of who you would invite and tell us about the meal and setting. (200 word maximum)

Our Gallery

John Ota

John Ota: Origami cranes are a Japanese symbol of hope and healing - I’m putting them all over the house!

John's Origami-Themed place setting
John's Crazy Japanese Canadian Dinner Dinner Setting.

Cary Rothbart • Japan Meets Jerulsalem

Home Town: Toronto

Guest List: All of my friends and family

My Story:

One of the great similarities I have found between the Japanese and Jewish communities is the cultural importance of food and how it brings families and friends together. My image shows a Friday night Shabbos meal that incorporates both Japanese and Jewish foods. I dedicate this image to my Sister Wendy who embraced everyone who came to her home and ate at her table. Everyone felt her love. My Sister Wendy taught me many of the traditional Jewish family recipes that were handed down from generation to generation. This has allowed me to create hybrid meals that include everything from Sashimi to Gefilte Fish, Kosher Wine to superb Saki, Potato Salad to Wakame Salad and Potato Latkes topped with Tobiko.

Cary Rothbart • My Backyard Raclette Table

Home Town: Toronto

Along with My Friday night Shabbos meal, I would like to enter my backyard Raclette table. My Significant Other is German, so we also enjoy a lot of European foods. One of our favourites is when we break out the Raclette machine. On top it has two grills, one with a grilling pan and one with a grill stone. Underneath are individual Raclette pans. It is the perfect Comfort Food meal with thousands of variations possible.


Created with images by kaboompics - "table served prepared" • jonathanvalencia5 - "street food barbecue pork intestine intestine" • AhmadArdity - "ramadan religion culture" • shameersrk - "chicken meat chicken leg food" • GrekValeria - "samovar tea party tea" • JillWellington - "dinner table home" • terimakasih0 - "fruits boats cooking" • Engin_Akyurt - "food meat dish" • BaluBFA12 - "indian food mustard tamarind" • chaliceks - "dim sum dim sim food" • erikamarcialm - "food sushi boat" • Katya36 - "samovar tableful food" • zenobresson - "street food street kitchen thailand" • 41330 - "food thai chicken" • shameersrk - "street food india tradition" • Engin_Akyurt - "pizza dough cheese"