Town of Chase Local gOvernment project by emily faucett

I live in the town of Chase. My local government meets at 8481 County Road S, Pulaski WI 54162
Map of the Town of Chase

Five issues of my local government:

My issue: New Fire Engine/Truck Replacement

Info about the issue: During the December 2016 meeting, there was a review and discussion held on a fire engine/truck replacement schedule. It was stated that vehicles older than 20 years need replacement. They asked the towns to contribute the cost of replacing the older ones.

Decision: The decision made for the purchase was that they declined the purchase 3-0. In Pulaski, the town of Chase was the only town to decline the purchase. Overall, the purchase was made because of all of the other towns that accepted.

My opinion: I disagree becauseĀ I believe they should have accepted the purchase of the new engines and trucks. They need to keep the emergency vehicles up to date in case it doesn't work when they really need it. Also, all you need to cover the cost is a little raise in taxes. It should raise enough money to get a new vehicle that keeps us safe.

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