Dietary Supplements Connie Goldsmith (95 pages)

Many Americans take at least one dietary supplement a day. In the book Dietary Supplements by Connie Goldsmith, it explains if dietary supplements are beneficial to your health, and which types you should take and stay away from. A majority of people have been spending about $32 billion on supplements, however they usually don't have a clue on what they are consuming. For instance, some dietary supplements can have cancer causing chemicals that you may not even know of, or it doesn't mention it on the bottle. This book informs you on how dietary supplements are not crucial to take if you already eat healthy and exercise regularly, as well as explains the different types of herbal supplements.

In my book, the main lesson I learned was that it isn't necessary to take dietary supplements if you're already eating right (which consists of consuming enough protein and carbs) as well as exercising daily or getting enough exercise. "Many experts and medical professionals believe that it is not necessary to take dietary supplements to maintain good health." (Goldsmith 6). I also found out that green tea is popularly consumed to lose weight due to it's amounts of catechin. "Experts say that catechins may decrease appetite, increase fat metabolism, and aid in weight loss, but there is not enough scientific evidence to prove those claims." (Goldsmith 42). However, more than half of fitness people I've researched drank green tea to supposedly make them cut weight. I discovered that people takes dietary supplements fro reasons such as losing weight, vitamin deficiency, and improvement on athletic performance. "One survey of American adoloscents found that about 1.6 percent of teens-1.2 million of them- take supplements, hoping to improve sports performance." (Goldsmith 49). Another interesting thing I learned in this book was athletes taking dietary supplements before a competition, which lead to them being banned from competing. To illustrate, a track star runner by the name of Tyson Gay was getting prepared for his race against Usain Bolt (who is known to be the fastest man on earth). "However, Gay failed to pass a USADA drug test and could not compete against Bolt. Gay announced, "...I basically put my trust in someone (a chiropractor specializing in anti-aging medicine) and I was let down." Basically, Gay was tricked into thinking the supplement was harmless by the chiropractor. But in the end, there is no easy way to becoming the best that you can be, "The only scientifically proven way to lose weight and to keep it off is through healthy eating and regular exercise." (Goldsmith 46).


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