Classification of Animals written by reese


Classification of Animals is my favourite topic of the book because it teaches us about different kinds of animals and how we categorise them. We learn how animals are different from one another and what species they're called.

We need to know everything about the animal before we say which category that animal belongs to.

For example, the bat may have wings, but that doesn't mean it is a bird. It has hair, it feeds on mothers' milk and breathes with lungs. My answer? Mammal.

Common Categories of Animals

We categorise animals usually as Insects, Fish, Birds and Mammals.

The Insects should have three pairs of legs. Their body is divided into head, thorax and abdomen. Also, they should have a pair of antenna and some insects have one or two pair (s) of wings.

Fishes should have wet skin with scales. They should also swim with fins and breathe with gills. Only the fish type can breathe with gills, no other kind can.

Birds of a feather, stick together! I found out about this quote when i watched Rio 2. Birds have feathers and a beak. They breathe with their lungs and have a pair of legs and wings.

Mammals have hair, also known as fur. Their babies are fed on mothers' milk and they breathe with their lungs.

Strange Animals

Did you know that whales aren't a kind of fish? They are actually a kind of mammal. They may not have much hair but they do breathe with lungs! This is why occasionally they go up to the surface to breathe air and blows out the water they breathed in.

Dolphins are also a kind of mammal.Their babies are fed on mothers' milk too so they're definitely in the mammal category.

Spiders are mistaken to be insects but they're not. They have four pairs of legs not three, so their animal kind is one of the arachnids. Arachnids don't have a pair of antennae of a pair of wings. Their bodies are divided into two tagmata, the prosoma or cephalothorax and the opisthosoma, or abdomen.

Frogs are also sometimes mistaken as a reptiles but since they have no scales, they are actually amphibians. They can live in both land and water. They eat smaller amphibians and sometimes smaller mammals.

Quick Recap

So, now you know that we categorise animals by Insects, fish, birds and mammals. You can't just say an animal is in that category with just one fact. We need proof and all the facts about that animal to categorise it.

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