5 companies benefits

Bass Pro Shops

save 40% on bass pro shops items and 15% on other items
Bass pro shops offers 1 week of paid vacation every year
After working at bass pro shops for one year they offer retirement, health, dental and vision insurance.


Cabela's offers collage savings plans
Cabela's offers dental insurance
if you adopt a kid Cabela's will give you $2,000 to help cover the cost of the adoption process


Dicks has competitive pay and 401K
Some Dicks sporting goods have onsite fitness centers for the employees.
dicks has Merit/ performance pay increases so the better you work the more you will make.


There is an employee ownership program where you obtain stock in the company for your years of service.
There are up to 50% off on items for the employees.
Scheels offers paid vacation.


Reeds has life insurance benefits.
they offer an Oregon college savings plan.
There are tobacco censsation programs to help workers help quit tobacco.

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