Bed and Breakfast By Jamie and sarah


Game Description

Bed and Breakfast is a bidding game for 2-4 players in which players build their bed and breakfast by bidding on property pieces and placing them together to gain the most stars. They then move on to the renting phase in which they must face the risks of having guests.

Game Components

Money Cards, Property Cards, Guest Profile Cards, Star Charts, Pencils, Pawns, and a Timer.

Game Set Up

Each player starts with 24 money cards ($500 x 8, $100 x 8, $50 x8). Depending on how many players are playing, a different number of property cards are used. Two players= 15 cards Three Players= 25 cards Four Players = 35 cards. Shuffle the deck of property cards and separate the correct amount and shuffle the deck of Guest Profile Cards, then place both decks face down in the middle. (the profile cards have the images faced up) The oldest player starts the bidding, flips over a property card and then it goes clockwise.

How to Play

The oldest player flips a card, starts the bidding, and then it goes clockwise. Players can leave the bid anytime and take their money back. Each property card has a number of stars on it. If you win the property card in the auction you move your pawn that amount of stars on your chart. The player who bids the highest gets the property card and places it upside down with the corresponding piece furniture on top of it. Each consecutive card is placed similarly as the player “builds” their bed and breakfast. Once a player has four cards placed next to each other, the players must build then build “upwards”. The property cards are color coated. Placing three same color cards next to each other gains players 3 extra stars. It is up to each player the pattern in which they assemble their property cards. In the same deck with the property cards there are pest cards, which negatively affects players. Bidding works differently with these cards. The player who finally accepts the pest cards gets their money back and all other players lose their money.

On Each Player’s Turn

Set timer to 1 minute. The players then bid on Property Cards fro 1 minute each turn. The highest bidder before the timer ends gets the property card and places it upside down with the corresponding piece furniture on top of it and fills in the star chart. The player who acquired the property card is the starting player for the next round. Turns up another card from the draw deck and play then proceeds as before.

Second Phase of Game

After all property cards are bought, players proceed to the renting round. The guest profile cards are placed with pictures facing up. Each Player, (oldest first, then going clockwise) draws a total of 2 guest profile cards. Players don’t know the specific risk of each guest, they only know what they look like and basic description. If the player thinks the guest poses a high risk they may decline that gues stay, costing them the amount stars on the front of the card. Players must keep track of losing and gaining stars on their star charts. This round is over after each bed and breakfast has drawn and reacted to two profile cards.

At the end of the guest round, players then count their money and stars. The player with the least amount of money is automatically disqualified. The player with the most money adds 5 stars. whoever has the most stars filled in on their star chart at the end wins!

!! Game End !!

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