Get Swole My fitness journey

Growing up I was always very tall and skinny, in my twenties I started gaining a lot of weight and became very unhappy with my body. This year I started weight lifting and fell in love with the transformation process, I am not where I want to be but I am also not where I used to be and that makes me feel successful. I believe fitness is incredibly important for overall health and well being and regardless of if you do outdoor hikes, indoor cardio, swimming, sports, or weightlifting like me, everyone should get out and be active to live a healthy life!

History of the World Wide Web Assignment

The web is an amazing instrument and has completely changed over the last decade becoming more and more incredible and useful to people all over the world. I believe the web is going to continue to grow and become more and more interactive and if possible, more customizable. With social media booming as it is, that will continue to grow and cumulate more people. The web will be even more of a place where people go to learn and explore, it will be a tool to visit other countries without leaving your house, or see a loved one without traveling. The web will serve much of the same purpose is currently does but with even higher efficiency and more hands on experiences.

I believe the web will be more three-dimensional where a user can interact with the site physically and virtually. One will log onto a site and perhaps enter a virtual world much like you see in sci-fi movies and futuristic movies. With the ability to print in 3d, I believe you will also be able to order items and get them directly from the website by and download them into a 3 d object that is ready to use. In addition I believe it will be able to project a page you are accessing where you can physically click and navigate with your hands like a giant holographic touch screen. You will be able to have a friend visit you and see them in 3d right before your eyes.

Access to the web is going to change drastically also. Currently we are able to access the web from computers, laptops, tablets, cell phones, and some smart cars. In the future we will have access to the web from almost anything including our refrigerators where we will be able to order groceries and have them delivered, our watches, and writing utensils, anything is possible. Years ago it was unheard of to have a phone that would be capable of the things phones can do now, so to dream up what we will be able to do web leads to endless possibilities.

Lastly, design is important for the web because without design we wouldn’t draw people to what the web has to offer. If the web were a gray page with a search bar that led you to other pages that had all the same layout and depressing color scheme, no one would want to visit any websites. It is the color, the fonts, and all other aesthetics that draw and keep people on a webpage. There would be nothing to appeal to the eye to make people want to stay on a page and explore if the web were nothing but a search bar. Even Google, which is a simple search engine, uses familiar colors and changes its banner on given days to invite users accessing the site to learn facts and other things they may not do if it were plain and not user friendly. Design is art and art is everything!

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