Canbury School Newsletter 8th january 2021. issue 223

Dear Parents, Students and Staff

Happy new healthy, brighter new year. We just have to keep keeping on. And you have all done that this first week back at school. As usual you continue to reduce me to a sobbing wreck as I read emails from parents and carers willing us all on and thanking my staff and I for our efforts. But I must say thank you to you too. EVERYONE is trying their best and in this week, and over Christmas when the news and the instructions just keep changing, we are mostly keeping our heads above water and just getting on. As well as all staff who are teaching online, I would also like to thank Mrs Branney and Mr Bourgi for their work in school on exams this week, as well as my support/admin staff who have all been in.

Moving forward, as soon as I know what is happening, I will share it with you. In the meantime, don't hesitate to contact us if you have anything you need to ask. If we can answer it, we will. And if we can't, we'll have a jolly good time trying. Keep safe.

As usual we began the new term with an INSET day on Monday. As you can see from the photos at the top, like everyone else in the country we were reduced to gazing at each other over hangouts. So much of our lives are taken up now with screen time that I have popped in a little message below for the weekend:

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Year 7

Sam T for a great graphics lesson and excellent contributions to discussions.

All of Year 7 for coping well with the change to remote learning.

Reenie for a fabulous presentation of her art work in Year 7 tutor time.

And talking of Reenie's artwork, here's a piece she did during the Christmas holidays of the family pet. Who's a good doggy then?! Beautiful work Reenie.  Mrs Smith loves seeing photographs of the students' own artwork that they do at home, so if you are also busy being creative don't forget to email Mrs Smith with your work. Who knows, it may appear in the newsletter very soon.

Year 10

Alannah, Otti, Harry A, Emilia, Phoebe and Shaaiyon for their efforts on the Abstract Advent Challenge set for homework in Photography over the Christmas break.

Well done to the year 10 GCSE Business Studies class for tackling the very difficult topic of drawing a 'break even' chart remotely, and thank you to Ms Boyle for allowing them to use their Maths exercise book to draw it in! #inspiredteamwork!

Year 13

Well done to all Year 13 students who have come in this week and got on with their BTEC exams. In particular Felix, for sitting the part B BTEC business exam, the morning after all the announcements to the changes of exams were made - he came into school and carried on regardless. That is what you call putting the 'can' in 'Canbury' into action.

Year 9 line drawers

This week Yr 9 artists were set the task of creating a line drawing of someone recognisable using Jamboard. Can you guess who they have drawn? We've dotted their drawings throughout the newsletter.

Truly global

The year 9 Geographers have just started the new topic of globilisation and we are discovering that we are an extremely global class!

Anders plays video games on Nintendo which is Japanese (but he plays on German games). Carl has products from Germany, Japan, Costa Rica and Thailand at home. Zac writes on German post-it notes and travels on Irish and Spanish buses run by Dutch, Singaporean, Australian, French and German companies. Orlanda eats food from all over the world including Italy (the home of her favourite brand of pasta), Spain, Costa Rica, Japan and France. Flora has connections to Scotland and wears clothes from Vietnam. Connor has a car which was manufactured in Oxford. Peter has connections to Scotland. Ross has products in his home that were manufactured in Dublin - and finally Adam has an iPad that was designed in California by Apple but was assembled in China…...phew!

We're back in lockdown people. Left to right - Rhian's cat Simba gets into online learning, Rhian games at lunchtime, her tabby Tarka pays attention too, and lastly Seb presents his "lockdown look". If you would like to send pictures in for consideration for the newsletter, please send them to Mrs Bate by next Thursday 14th January. Show us how you home learn.

House News

Christmas quiz winners as follows:

1st: Mrs Littler

2nd: Zac

3rd: Flora


On Tuesday we will be holding a House scavenger hunt for all years. It takes place from 1-1.30pm. You will be given a list of things to find in your home, and each round will involve finding something from a different room. stand by for further instructions!

Try a new skill or simply catch up - have a think about joining a club.

Mrs Rich has sent out a form to parents and carers on Friday detailing the online extra curricular clubs which will be operating from Monday. Whether you want to try something new (Go Greek, quizzing, book club, gaming, yoga) or need to catch up on some work (all subjects) there's a club for you! If you didn't receive the information today, please get in touch with Mrs Rich.


A special shout out to all Spanish students from Mrs Porter. She says she has been very impressed with the positive work ethic from her students during the first week of remote learning. "Their interactions and participation in lessons has been exemplary and I am very proud of you all," she says.

Meet the member of staff.

We're back! With the arrival of a handful of new staff at the start of this academic year, we can now revive "meet the member of staff" AKA "nosey parker corner". This week we find out about Mr Fairbrass, our new site manager, on what gets him up and moving, how his heart would sink at the idea of a beach holiday and what he will always be found doing if he has time to spare.

Always smiling - new site manager Mr Fairbrass has been busy painting this week. Talk about making great use of a mostly empty building.

So Matt, you joined us midway through a word pandemic – how are you finding it?

Loving it! It's a completely different working to what I have been used to. I used to get that awful "Sunday night dread" feeling, but for the first time in my working life I don't. I absolutely love coming to work!

What does a typical day look like?

There is no typical day. Once I've opened up and swept away all the leaves - then it's pot luck. A leaking tap, a broken hinge, changing light bulbs, taking deliveries - if it needs doing, I'll do it. As long as we have plenty of loo roll, everyone's happy!

No Sunday night blues anymore for Mr Fairbrass.

Best thing about Canbury

I can cycle to and from work, being in a positive work environment with positive students and staff, and the fact that I finish at 3pm!

Thing you would improve?

A much bigger outside space for the students and a dining hall for them would be great. And for me, higher fences so the footballs would stop going into the road outside and I wouldn't have to go and get them!

Tell us a bit about your background – what brought you to us?

I worked as a plumber for 25 years until the summer. Covid came along, the world changed and I was looking for something different to me. Then the site manager at Canbury job came up and I thought "why not go for it". It's completely different to anything I have done before and I've never been happier!

Favourite way to unwind?

I am an avid reader and I love history. At the moment I'm reading "Pompeii - The Life of a Roman Town" by Mary Beard. In fact in my old life I was known as the posh plumber, because I read so much!

You’re at a nightclub (those were the days)…..what music will get you up and strutting your stuff on the dance floor?

First off I am not a night club fan. BUT in my day I would be found clubbing at Camden but to grunge - google it kids, if you don't know what it is. Let's just say you wouldn't find it in a mainstream club.

What piece of advice would you give your 15 year old self?

Try not to stress about everything. Things usually work out, and worrying and stressing about them never makes any difference.

You’re about to spend a year on a desert island (seems quite an attractive thing to do at the moment), what three items would you take with you?

I HATE the beach! So I would have to take factor 50 sun screen, a kindle to keep me busy and a pie maker. I love my pie and mash so that would keep me happy!