Behind the Buzzer with Hannah This is part of an ongoing series where I take my camera and invade your space to best tell your story! Unedited and raw into what motivates you!

We have wanted to touch base with Hannah for awhile. She is always hustling and has quite a vibrant presence! So we finally got a moment to get into her head and see what part of her story was!

How did you end up in NYC?

A plane…I wanted to come here since I can remember. This is my home.

What are you trying to accomplish here?

In NYC? I’m looking for stories, it seems like there are a lot of them here.

What is your normal morning like?

Wake up before sunrise, make coffee and head out the door to train my first client.

Why does an un-made bed drive you crazy?

It’s the way you start your day. Letting go of last night and the day before. I never want to start my day, not being able to accomplish my very first task. That’s sets the tone. Plus coming home to it is so much more welcoming.

"I can do it, don't touch it!"

How much time do you spend in your space?

As much as I can. When I’m not busy I spend as much time in my space as possible.

Tell me about your tattoos

“Carpe Diem” on my forearm, I got on my twenty-fifth birthday, my first tattoo. It’s always been my mantra, since I was eleven and saw “Dead Poet’s Society”.

“Breathe”—it’s what I’m always saying. To myself, my clients, my friends and family. Learning how to use your breath in so many ways.

And “Bird Set Free”—a Sia song, I’ve loved her since her very first album came out in 2004. I remember every single moment about where I was/what I felt/what was going on in my life/how this song became my them, when I first heard it. And my sister-in-law drew it.

Do you suffer from FOMA(fear of missing out), or RTNW (rush to nowhere syndrome)? Do you think if you lived outside of NYC you would or would not feel the same?

I thought I did. But I think I have a very clear trajectory of where I want to go and what it takes to get there (even though it looks like chaos to the outside eye) and so every moment not spent working towards that can sometimes nag at me—if that’s FOMA than yes. BUT, if it’s just “where are we getting turnt up tonight” “who is hanging out with who?”—than no, I could care less.

And I think living in NYC is just an example of what I was talking about earlier—I was just as crazy as a kid focused and dreaming about moving to NYC…?

What was the most revealing thing you noticed about your space when being photographed in it?

I think, how each area of my space has it’s purpose. It’s set up and used in a very specific way.

What is the thing that scares you the most about being photographed in your own place?

I mean, it’s like my journal on my walls, kind of. It’s vulnerable. Especially in front of a camera.

Tell me about the sticky notes on the walls

Better on the walls than stuck in my head confusing everybody else.

What happens when you accomplish all the stickies?

They come off the wall and are replaced with more.

What is your normal afternoon like?

Usually either training myself, a client or work.

Considering how your job often is the “covert therapist” role, how did you feel after you realized your eyes, inflections, and space were able to tell more of the story about who you were than you verbally expressed at times?

I take back what I said before about what was scariest—that was. Because I knew that was exactly what was happening. I’ve been holding the lens up to my client’s lives (metaphorically speaking)—having it the other way around was like when you try a move for first time. Revealing. Exciting. Humbling.

What is your normal evening like?

Walk and dance. These two are non-negotiable. And then usually make dinner and read or write a little.

Did you learn anything? Did you have fun?

All said and done, I had a lot of fun. I learned Tristan calls out the shit that he sees. And then he takes a photo of it. About myself? I am really comfortable with my process.

Is there anything you wished we would have captured but didn’t?


What did you do right after I left?


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A Tristan Pope Photography Story

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