Leading Lines- This is leading lines because the lines of the books lead your vision down to Grace reading.
Framing - this is framing because it uses natural elements (the hallway) to frame the subject (DD).
Center of Interest - this is center of interest because you can clearly see that DD is the subject of the picture, it isn't busy.
Rule of Thirds - this is rule of thirds because if you split the photo into a grid, Grace would be in the left portion of the photo.
Repetition - this is repetition because the stairs are a repeating pattern.
Filling the Frame - this is filling the frame because the entire image is filled
Selective Focus - this image is selective focus because while DD is in focus but the trophies in the background is out of focus.
Worms Eye View - this is worms eye view because i had to sit on the floor to take it.
Perspective - this is my perspective photo because it isn't often you see the people who are taking pictures actually take them, and thus this offers up a fresh perspective.
Birds Eye View - this is birds eye view because it's a picture taken from above at an angle which you wouldn't be able to see had the image been taken on the same level as DD.

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