School days start too early BY: keLLI C.

Do ever get up to go school because it's too early? Many students feel this way because it may be too early and kids may be droopy and tired. School staff and parents should pay more attention to this issue because it's big. It may also be dangerous in the morning for kids to walk to school because it could still be dark outside. All schools around america should start later because it will impact the health of students, the safety of students outside of home and it will improve kids academic performance.

If schools begins later, the health of students, both mentally and physically will improve. On the NAHIC website it says that not enough sleep can cause poor school performance and can increase the chance of unintentional injuries. Negative mood and no positivity at school and it causes stress. About a quarter of students say they fall asleep in class at least one day a week. According to the National Heart,Lung, and Blood Institute (NIH) says in 1993 sleep deprivation became a public health concern. Sleep issues each year add about 15.9$ billion to the care bill. Over the years drowsy driving, suicidal incidents, and much more has been happening to students because of school hours starting early. These incidents mostly happen on new drivers in high school. Sleep Deprivation has been a big issue and it can cause stress and poor decision making on adolescents. Sleep Deprivation causes car accidents and deaths, suicide attempts or actual suicides.

Sleepiness in the morning can cause careless accidents. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety one in five fatal accidents they turn to be a drowsy drivers and this mainly happens to people between the ages 16-24. Well this quote above simply states high schoolers should get their hours later because high schoolers are new drivers and they have more chance to have accidents. According to the Journal of the american college of cardiology and Sleep Medicine Reviews 2012 on Pubmed. Researchers did a test on people to sleep 4 hours the heart rate elevated when compared to 8 eight hours. Concentrations of C-reactive protein that means a risk of heart disease. Business Insider says. Nevertheless, sleep deprivation has an impact on students performance at school and many other things.

Waking up too early can get you in mood and it becomes stressful everyday. It's actually very healthy to wake up early in the morning and helps you in your everyday activities. On studies say that in 2008 in Texas University many college students defined themselves as a “morning person”. And they earned a point higher on their GPA’s. Waking up early secure’s better career opportunities to students. On its says that if you are a “morning person” you will be more likely to have a postive attitude at school.

On sleep resources .com it says that sleep deprivation affects the most teens. Also, it increases the dropout rates and absenteeism.

Also, not getting enough sleep can cause overweight and kids become more depressed.

In education next this women tried out delaying school start time to 7:30 to 8:30 in north carolina. After that the students increase in math test scores about 2 percentile. The most impact was on below average test scores. I think this shows that the more sleep you get the more energized you’ll be for anything in the day.

Despite the arguments, school hours should start later. I really consider adults and doctors to pay attention to this issue. If we start school later this will help to ensure the future of students. Give the reader something to think about. Just imagine not waking up too early in the morning and actually feeling optimistic to go to school.

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