My MCOM 63 journey by duc huynh

Each person has their own dream job.

It can be big, it can be small.

But it doesn't matter, as long as they love it.

People should understand that student debt is also a national issue.

Students have to focus on their study rather than finding a way to pay tuition.

The Tiny House Project

For our final project, our group decided that just interview a homeless person and show their story is not enough. We want people to realize that there are many projects out there that can put an end to homelessness. The Tiny House is one of these projects.

Throughout the video, we interviewed multiple people about their experience with homelessness. In addition, we also interviewed Peter Steinler, a member from the Tiny House project. Steinler believes that if homeless people know more about this project, they will be able to deal with homelessness.

The main subject in our video is Aaron Castle – a member of the Tiny House project. According to Aaron, he used to be homeless. Thanks to this project, he is able to live in a self-built tiny house on wheels with his fiancé and two cats. Knowing all the struggles that homeless people have to go deal with in their daily life, Aaron are now trying his best to spread the idea of the Tiny House project to the society so that homeless people can finally have a home.

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