Carrier pigeons by lucy miller

What is a carrier pigeon? They are pigeons that have notes attached to them to deliver a message to other troops. We had them in WWI because communication systems were unreliable and pigeons worked the best.

How did it develop? We did not have the mechanics so we used the animals because they knew where to go. They can only fly in one direction which is towards wherever their home is. They can sense magnetic fields and smells. just like me, you can train them with food.

What does it say about WWI? It says and shows that we didn't have advanced warfare but that we were smart and used our resources to find our way around problems.

Influence and effects? It gave us a way to communicate faster. Without them we wouldn't be as prepared and wouldn't have thought of new ways to improve communication in the wars.

advantages and disadvantages. Enemies began to realize our messages were attached to the birds and began to shoot the birds or try and read the notes if the birds went to the wrong place. Advantages were their speed and attitude.

carrier pigeons of today? Today with modern technology we can use radios that are reliable. It evolved because today we can contact each other easily without interference.

Cher Ami is now a stuffed bird at the Smithsonian museum. This particular pigeon is a big deal because even though it was shot at and lost an eye and a leg it still delivered a message that saved many of our soldiers.


Created By
Lucy Miller


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