BNHS Stands for Bombay Natural Society by Noyonika 3A


BNHS is a natural reserve it is in Mumbai (Bombay) India Hornbill house

This is BnHS Hornbi house

Abiotic & biotic

Abiotic factors

The abiotic factors are sticks/ twigs,stones, beehives,🐝 sunlightβ˜€οΈ,water,πŸ’§air,temperature, dried leaves πŸ‚,spider websπŸ•Έ woody climbers, pupa.

Biotic factors

The biotic factors are cheetahs,Monkeys πŸ™‰πŸ™ˆπŸ’,butterfly's ,trees 🌲, bees 🐝, birds 🐦 flowers 🌹 ,lizards, squirrels,ants 🐜 ,crab πŸ¦€ spotted deer, fungai.

Symbiotic relationships in BNHS

Mutualism- Butterfly and flower -butterfly gets nector and plants gets pollinated. 😊😊.

Butterflies and flowers

Commensalism-leaf roller and insects- the leaf provides shelter for the insect but the leaf is not harmed or benifited😊😐.

Parasitism- mosquito and humans- the mosquito sucks your blood but you are harmed and feel itchy 😊☹️

Issues affecting BNHS

Negative issues

Humanly ignited forest fire by tribes is bad for the health of the ecosystem.

Forest Fire

Film city throws garbage in BNHS and the crows come and eat the garbage but also the worms which are the food of the other birds and the crows destroy the birds ecosystem.

The nonnative plant comes and harms the plants from growing, it is called Gilicidia plant and it is from America. It can survive without water, but it got the correct climate and soil here. It harms the plants from growing by sucking water from the ground and it has no value ,(it is like a pest.)

THis is gilicidia plant

Land encroaching =Builders want to build buildings inThe BNHS land and cut down trees which increases global warming, building buildings in BNHS is building it on illegal land.

Positive issues

They are planting butterfly host plant and the butterflies lay there eggs there because when caterpillars hatch they only eat a specific plant.

When the rainy season goes the animals get very thirsty so they have started making water holes so when the rainy season comes back they flush the holes with water.

This is a water hole

How to save BNHS

Make good use of resources (reuse reduce recycle) when ever you see this sign please do the 3 R's

Don't buy houses on illegal land(the illegal land is BNHS)

Do not waste water ,paper and other natural resources

I hope you enjoyed my website please help save BNHS

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