Bereavement after The death of a loved one By: DOnave HAbben

What is Bereavement?

Bereavement, or grief, is the body's natural response to loss including emotional suffering from a loved one being taken away . It can result from both sudden or planned death.

In Frankenstein,Victor tragically lost his mom who was very dear to him. However, he did not cope with bereavement properly and instead spent his time participating in emotional and physically harmful obsessions.

From then on,Victor continued not to take care of himself and shut out all healthy emotional support from his friends and family. This is the wrong way to deal with grief and he ended up losing everything.

So what are some healthy ways to deal with bereavement?

According to Doctor Jeanne Segal the author of the article Coping with Grief and Loss , "There is no normal time table for grieving".

In other words, there is no predicted length of time that you will stop grieving. It all depends on personality, coping style, life experience, faith, and nature of the loss.

This source is reputable because the author ,Doctor Jeanne Seagal, has a doctorate in sociology and psychology. She has also spent 50 years of her career creating new coping methods to help people struggling with mental, social, and emotional health.

Th psychiatrist Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross is known for her amazing work in discovering the five stages of bereavement.

These five stages are Denial , Anger , Bargaining , Depression , Acceptance

One you've been through all five stages, grief is something that can be easily dealt with, no matter how long it takes.

Victor Frankenstein didn't undergo the stages of bereavement and handled it incorrectly. HE caused emotional damage to himself and those around him. However, Justine Moritz coped with grief incorrectly after the death of William Frankenstein. Instead of being honest through all five stages of grief, Justine chose the path of being killed under a false accusation.

However, according to The Family Caregiver Alliance grief results not only when a someone dies , but when themselves or family member is diagnosed with a chronic illness that will likely to result in death.

Two examples of this type of bereavement are ambiguous loss and anticipatory grief.

Ambiguous loss is the grief family members feel when a loved one is suffering from an illness such as dementia where they are not themselves at all. Anticipatory grief is the feeling someone gets when they are expecting death for themselves or a loved one.

The Family Caregiver Alliance is a credible source because it's a community-based nonprofit organization that provides secure information about what caregivers and family members go through when dealing with any kind of 24 hour care for someone with a debilitating illness.

Victor Frankenstein and his father , Alphonse , suffered from both ambiguous loss and anticipatory grief from the passing of Caroline Beaufort-Frankenstein who died from Scarlet Fever.

In this day in age with modern technology and being hyper-exposed to information grief can easily be numbed and shielded. Some studies show that due to other ways of communication such as texting, many people are unable to express their emotions properly.

That's why its important to deal with bereavement properly such as surrounding yourself with friends and family and dedicating your time to soul curing hobbies.Without a doubt, grief is painful, but it is also possible to move forward and live a happy life.

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