Which paper towel brand can soak up the most water? By: Isabel Alvarez, Presley Carroll, Alex Jensen, Benjamin Abruzzo, and Mohamed Ramadhani

Materials: Paper Towels (Brands: Bounty, school brand, Kirkland, Winco brand), Cups, and Water

Constant: Our constant variable is the amount of water we use for each paper towel brand

Independent Variable: The one thing that we will change is the brand of paper towels.

Dependent Variable: The variable we are measuring is how much water the paper towel soaks up.

Our hypothesis is that Bounty will hold the most water because it had the most layers and was very quilted.

Our Procedure

1. Dump water on a table.

2. Lay a paper towel on the water.

3. After 3 minutes, take the paper towel off and record the data.

4.Repeat steps 1-3 for each paper towel


Our results were that: Bounty wiped up most of the water.School brand wiped up the second most water.Kirkland soaked up a fair amount of water.Lastly Winco brand wiped up the least amount of water.

In conclusion, our hypothesis was correct. Some thing we observed was the school brand looked like it absorbed the most water, but there was a lot of water left on the table. If we do this again, we will test how much weight each brand of paper towel can take when wet.

Bounty , Kirkland,Winco , Cormatic(school brand)
Thanks for watching,err...looking!!!!!

Final credits go to:

Mrs. Keezel , Jon Samuleson and Mrs.Pryor

Created By
Presley Carroll


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