Un-invasive Species? A summary of "Fighting bugs with bugs"

Instead of fighting against pests and agriculturally destructive insects using insecticides and poisons that may be harmful to the environment, some are beginning to grow certain garden plants in greater quantities in order to attract native anti-pest predators. The anti-pests consume the destructive organisms while also enriching and aiding the plants they are there to protect. Since the plants naturally grow in that area, and hence the anti-pests are also native to the region, the harmful crop-destroyers like animals and fungi are reduced or eliminated with minimal negative ecological effect.

The spraying of insecticides

While insecticides, pesticides, and fertilizers certainly are capable of accomplishing their immediate goal, which is the intent of their users, they often have overwhelmingly negative environmental side effects. All three of these things can alter the ecosystems around them and cause catastrophe if done on a large-enough scale. When the environmental impacts of certain chemical or species introductions are not thoroughly researched before their implementation, there can be disaster. This is why it is important that we research other options that have less of a risk to their respective ecosystems.

Species attraction in areas where they are already native, as stated in the article "Fighting Bugs with Bugs", can often be beneficial to indigenous species and industrial farming, and is a good alternative to pesticides and infanticides with low risk of negative anthropogenic effects.

I have been interested in invasive species since I tried to take sunflower seeds I was eating through an airport and my grandma explained why I couldn't. The article taught me a lot about how there are ways to use native species to reduce human impact on the environment while also benefitting our agricultural practices. I hope I can read more research on this in the future as its relevance is more timely than ever.

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