Heugh's Ninjas!!!

Ms. Heugh’s Weekly Specials

Mondays - Music 9:05-9:55 & Computers 2:30 – 3:20 Tuesdays - PE 2:10 – 3 Wednesdays - Art 10:45 – 11:35 Thursdays - PE 2:10 – 3 & Library Check-Out 3:05 – 3:25 Fridays - Spanish 10:45 – 11:35 *LUNCH 12:05 – 12:40..

  • Last week, we decided to incorporate some fun into the last few weeks of school with a class SPIRIT DAY! A few girls volunteered to stay in for lunch and create a classroom spirit week calendar. I have printed copies of this calendar and have sent it home to reference. It is not mandatory by any means. Your child may participate however often they'd like. Information about the Food Feast will come home by the end of the week:)
  • May 22nd - Movie Day - We will be watching Wonder. Please read, sign and return the permission slip for this PG movie.
  • May 24th - TRANSPORTATION DAY (9-12) at JAPAC. You may want to apply sunscreen, send in sunglasses and have girls wear their hair up if it's going to be hot. Typically it's a very warm/hot 3 hours on the pavement, on the open parking lot. Water will be provided on site and it's in the morning, so that is a positive!
  • May 25th – ½ Day
  • May 26th – May 28th – Memorial Weekend
  • June 6th – ½ Day – Records Day
  • June 8th – Field Day
  • June 13th – ½ Day
  • June 14th – ½ Day – Yearbook Signing – LAST DAY!

AGENDA/PLANNER -Please remember to look over and sign daily. -

SPELLING - Spelling Tests - We will NOT have any further spelling assessments this year! We will use this 20 minutes/day to review grammar rules and complete grammar related activities as they tie into writing.

MATH - Unit 7 assessments were passed back last week. Concept and development wise, this test was the most abstract as well as challenging! Some students mastered a solid understanding, while others simply need more time and exposure. For the remaining weeks, we will continue to work-in Unit 7 concepts while delving into Unit 8 (which we've already begun.) You may see less math homework, as some of the homework we will complete in class. Homework pages provide straight forward practice problems and for this final unit are a good tool to teach from and practice together with in class. With that being said, please be sure to check-in each night to see if the math is completed in its entirety, and to the best of your child's ability,


SCIENCE - We will conclude our ENERGY unit this week with one more module related to electricity. Last week, the students explored the concepts of energy being stored and transferred when creating a chain reaction. The students worked in teams, used random materials found in the classroom, and put their minds to work. They had to incorporate at least four objects, one marble, and could not physically start their chain reaction with their hand (another object or movement had to get it started.) They did an amazing job!! One group had a pencil go into a pencil sharpener at the end, one group turned on an Ipad, and another group had a bottle pour water into a cup! The students will not be having an end of unit assessment. I have been assessing the students with pre and post tests following each experiment. Testing what they've learned and applied, is to me the best form on authentic assessment. You will see these assessments coming home within the next week.

SOCIAL STUDIES - The students have been researching the effects of climate change within the United States. They have been reading, asking questions and highlighting to deepen their engagement with the content as well as gather information for their final/end of the year, writing assessment. .

CAFE CENTERS - Centers continue to provide opportunities to practice writing skills and reading comprehension strategies!!

  • The students spend 20 minutes of their daily Cafe time striving to meet their reading goal.
  • Writing Prompt - Informational Writing - Evidence is being researched and activities in class support the writing of a cause and effect piece. The students gathered/organized notes last week and will begin their drafting today/revisions and editing tomorrow.
  • The students have been reading various short poems and analyzing them for meaning and purpose.
  • Text Features Hunt - Within our informational unit, the students are learning to locate information within various text features. They are examining texts for text features and keeping a record of their findings. This booklet will counts as a science test grade.
  • I would encourage you to ask your child to take you to his/her Google account and share with you the various pieces they've published within these past few weeks. Their essays will be 'on-going' this week.
The idea of NINJA centers around the students being 'warriors'. Warriors are brave as well as tough, in effort and mind as well as soft at heart!!

Have a wonderful week!!

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