How is the YGL community responsibly leading action on COVID-19?

Below is a list of initiatives and platforms led by YGLs and alumni on COVID-19 Action.

Gnowbe's COVID-19 microlearning platform

YGL So Young Kang has developed a COVID-19 microlearning course. She has created a YGL dashboard on Gnowbe for YGLs to interact with peers, join webinars, participate, and ask questions. In the coming weeks, So Young will be adding courses developed specifically for YGLs led by Michele Wucker, Caroline Watson, Peggy Liu among others. To benefit from these free courses, kindly download the app. Click here to join the YGL dashboard.

Implementation of COVID-19 Check Platform

YGLs Paul Meyer, Cristina Pozzi, Thomas Crampton and Daniel Sachs, among others are collaborating to translate and implement COVIDCheck platform in number of countries. COVIDcheck is a free public digital health service aimed at mitigating the global impact of COVID-19. Available via web, app, and messaging platforms, people can use COVIDcheck to:

  • Assess their individual risk and guide decision making,
  • Find nearby testing sites
  • Subscribe to reliable updates and alerts from public health authorities.

De-identified data generated by use of COVIDcheck will be published in real-time through a database and map interface on a public website for public health authorities to monitor. For more information, feel free to contact Paul Meyer.

Call for action #data4covid19

YGL Alberto Alemanno has launched a call for action #data4covid19 geared to building the data infrastructure and ecosystem we need to tackle pandemics and other dynamic societal and environmental threats. YGLs including Andre Pietri are joining forces with him. For more information, contact Alberto.

YGL Andre Pietri is working on a major GrandChallenge on Covid19 with the 3700 technology leaders composing JEDI, the European initiative for disruptive innovation. The competition is open to all teams coming from research institutes, large corporates, startups, universities, with expected up to 3 million Euro prize for the winning teams. Foundations, corporations and large entrepreneurial families are currently being offered to become strategic partners of this Grand Challenge. For more information, contact Andre.

YGL Andrey Zarur is working on a plan to develop a vaccine against coronavirus capable of slowing or stopping the rapid spread of COVID-19. GreenLight’s approach is to generate enough vaccine doses in a cost effective manner to respond globally to this pandemic. GreenLight needs to urgently raise $15 M to significantly accelerate their COVID-19 vaccine development efforts so that it becomes available for human use within the relevant time period to combat this pandemic threat. $6 M of the required total have already been committed by foundations and existing investors. If you are interested in learning more, kindly contact Andrey Zarur.

YGL Cristina Pozzi is using her platform impactscool to collect and share positive news about covid-19 in the effort to help us keep up hope and help those who are feeling increasingly anxious due to the incredible amount of bad news we are getting on social media and other broadcasting platforms. Read more about good news that cultivates hope at Goodnews on Covid-19.

YGL Druid Collective initiative has launched the Solve COVID19 platform which seeks to connect scientists, tech pioneers and others working on solutions to fight Covid-19 to all globally available resources, experts, advisors and funding. The goal is for the platform to foster collaborations between people across the world who are working on various technological solutions to Covid19. For more information kindly contact Martin Bruncko.

YGL Kabir Sehgal has launched a quarantine concert series to provide gigs to musicians during this difficult time. Musicians are paid to perform at these virtual concert series. The concerts are 30 to 45 min long followed by a Q&A. For more details and to watch a live performance kindly join here.

YGL Cameron Sinclair and his team has launched Jupe a brand new venture launching today that has developed rapidly deployable “Health” rest, recovery and intensive care shelters for use in combating the ongoing global COVID-19 crises. Mobile spaces provided by Jupe can be produced at around 1/30th the cost of a standard hospital room, and shipped anywhere using existing logistics infrastructure.

TabadLab, founded by YGL Mosharraf Zaidi, is curating an enriching crisis response toolkit, array of public service videos and a series of policy analyses on COVID-19. Translated to multiple languages including English, Urdu, Sindh, Balochi, Pashto, Punjabi, and Brahvi, the organisation is leading on how policy and media can shift the public conversation on the pandemic.

YGL Liliana Gil Valletta, CEO of CIEN+ has developed the Culturintel COVID-19 People IMPACTmeter which brings real-time and agile insights to understand the impact of COVID-19 on people’s mindsets, attitudes, and everyday lives. CulturIntel's proprietary algorithm uses an advanced software platform to mine and structure unstructured, qualitative data for insight and cultural intelligence.

YGL Andres Simon Gonzalez-Silen along with a team of Venezuelan doctors have developed Telesalud COVID-19, a free digital telemedicine solution that allows everyone to measure the risk associated with contracting the Coronavirus disease. The objective of the platform is to decongest health centers by reducing unnecessary visits , to carry out remote medical consultations and identify high-risk cases for quick referral to health centers.

YGL Neha Kirpal CEO of Innerhour, a Mumbai-based mental health platform, is extending its digital programmes and self-help tools to healthcare professionals, WFH employees of companies, and university students to support their mental wellbeing during the current pandemic. InnerHour offers a range of clinical tools and self-help psychological activities, topical content and webinars, bot-based check-ins and voice/video therapy sessions in seven Indian languages.

YGL Kennedy Odede Founder of SHOFCO is mobilizing slum communities around the threat of COVID-19, and promote best practices that will prevent or contain spread of the virus in the 11 urban slums across Kenya. He has had 762,374 uses of hand washing stations and reached 171,230 people through door-to-door outreach across 11 settlements.

YGL Eyal Gura chairman of Zebra Medical Vision has developed an AI solution that uses a machine learning algorithm that analyzes CT scans, offering substantially higher detection rates . It also conducts a comparative analysis of multiple CT scans to measure the development of the virus. The software will offer key insights into disease severity and will enable doctors to diagnose, triage and evaluate patients swiftly and effectively.

YGL Michael Faye CEO of GiveDirectly is partnering with SHOFCO, local governments and NGOs to deliver cash quickly and safely using mobile money to families impacted by COVID-19 in Uganda, Rwanda, Liberia, Malawi, Morocco and USA. They are mainly targeting low-income, informal sector workers and youth in urban areas and have currently funded over 50,000 families in need.

YGL Adam Werbach has launched the small business crisis hotline to support the smallest businesses and non-profits in the San Frnacisco Bay Area to get legal support and attain government relief . They are currently organizing weekly office hours where experienced corporate attorneys provide free advice to business owners.

YGL Ronit Avni, CEO of localized is organizing the first MENA-wide virtual career fair aimed at connecting fresh graduates with internships and jobs across the region. The virtual career fair is scheduled for June 29-July 1 2020 . If you are an employer and would like to participate in this virtual career fair, kindly contact Ronit Avni.

YGLs Christel Heydemann and Geoffrey Bouquot engaged very early with their respective companies Schneider Electric and Valeo to create a consortium led by Air Liquide, and rise to the challenge of producing 10,000 respirators in response to the French government request. Read more here.

YGL Gaurav Mehta, Founder of DharmaLife, has launched the We for Village Alliance which brings together a network of global partners to support the most vulnerable populations to survive and thrive through the COVID-19 pandemic with a sustainable and scalable model. This model will be piloted and iterated in India by repurposing Dharma Life’s network of over 16,000 rural Dharma Life Entrepreneurs spread over 50,000 villages and 13 states into a crisis response network in order to address the above challenges. If you are able to serve as a financial, business and field response partner for the We For Village Alliance, please get in touch with Gaurav Mehta.

YGL David Sin, Co-Founder and Group President of Fullerton Health, has led the development and launch of a COVID-19 Symptom Checker and chat function on the company’s commercial mobile app, LiveFuller. The AI-enabled symptom checker provides access to reliable healthcare information by recommending next steps to users based on their inputs. It is now available for Singapore users in four local languages: English, Chinese, Malay, and Tamil, and can be downloaded here or from the Apple app store. Fullerton Health intends to make the LiveFuller COVID-19 symptom checker available for free across Asia Pacific. For more information or if you would like to collaborate on the app, please contact David Sin.

Malaysian YGLs Yeen Seen Ng, Dr Anjhula Mya Singh Bais and Nadiah Wan are collaborating together to raise awareness and take action against COVID-19 in their country, each drawing from their own expertise. Through videos, Op -Eds, interviews, virtual fireside chats and moving her mental health therapy practice to fully virtual, Dr Anjhula provided global trauma training and wellness for diverse populations. Yeen has also worked to donate more than 1200 PPE gowns and more than 100,000 medical grade masks and other medical supplies to hospitals in Malaysia. Nadiah, CEO of healthcare provider TMC Life has created a several drive thru services to enable social distancing including the first drive thru COVID-19 testing, MedEx service for patients to drive thru, pick up or receive home delivery for home medications, drive thru vaccination and blood draw & go service.

YGL Piyush Tewari, Founder and CEO of SaveLife Foundation, has been supporting the city of Delhi with a response to the COVID-19 crisis by strengthening ambulance response mechanisms, testing and disease containment strategies. Piyush’s organisation has been able to reduce Delhi’s COVID fatality rate at 1.55% of detected cases as compared to the global average of 7.1%. SaveLife has compiled over 10,000 PPE kits for frontline health workers, 80,000 meals for the needy affected by the national lockdown, provided 100 sanitisation machines for ambulances carrying COVID patients and provided home-quarantine tele-medicine support (outsourced) to hundreds of COVID cases. To learn more about how SaveLife is responding to COVID-19, visit the website or contact Piyush Tewari.

YGL Bhavin Shah has launched Curry4COVID focused on providing warm meals to those who have lost their jobs due to COVID19 and who are struggling to feed themselves. This initiative is in partnership between KIDDO, Fathers And Kids Camping, and Classic Catering. Kiddo is contributing to the cause by providing free payment portal and bearing all the transaction cost. To support this initiative, visit the Kiddo app or email curry4covid@thekiddo.app.

Common Health, founded by YGL Matthew Guilford, has signed an agreement with the Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association ("BGMEA") to work together on worker healthcare access during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. Born out of the 2019 India Economic Summit, this partnership by Common Health is being spearheaded by Common Health Director of Global Initiatives and Global Shaper Munia Islam, and is focused on providing 100,000 workers with free telemedicine consultations that cover both COVID-19 and other critical health needs that may be falling by the wayside. Together with BGMEA and other partners, Common Health is exploring how to rapidly scale this to all 4.5 million garments workers in Bangladesh. Read more about the partnership here.

YGL Olivier Oullier is working to provide governments with the expertise and data necessary to address the COVID-19 crisis. Olivier and his team launched BRAINSvsVIRUS, the largest neuroscientific experiment to-date to test the efficiency of public health messaging. This study also measures stress of people in their home through self reports, psychological testing and brain measures of stress. They have leveraged nearly 100,000 people in 120+ countries that own one of their portable brain scanners. They send governments guidelines and actionable communication strategies to improve responses to government messaging, informed by data.

Are you leading or supporting an initiative on COVID-19 that you would like to share with the YGL community? Kindly contact your community manager.

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