Rania By morgan privett, rania asaad, and alejandra delgado

Rania is 186,000,000 miles away from the sun, this is twice the distance than earth is from the sun.
The size of Rania is 7,918 miles this is twice the size of earth.
Rania's year length is 730 days long, this is also twice of earths size.
Each day on Rania is 48 hours long, this is twice earths regular day.
We have 5 seasons on Rania we have, summer, fall, winter, spring and...
We have a special season called swinter where it snows but it hot outside! While earth only has 4 seasons.
Rania gravitational force on surface is 19.614 m/s², earths is only half of that.
Created By
Morgan Privett


Created with images by European Southern Observatory - "Artist’s impression of Corot-7b" • stephanie_in_love - "my first planet" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "False Color View of Mercury" • RyanFSpack - "leaves fall au" • mypubliclands - "BLM Winter Bucket List #2: Eagle Lake ACEC, California, for Winter Solitude and Eagle Sightings"

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