STONEYPIE producer - dj - digger


Video credit: Vibe Good productions, Sammy Black at the NYE block party in Phoenix, AZ 2018

"DJ Stoneypie thrives when she’s sampling and mixing sets together. Her sound is of its own, but not really definable by “genre” terms. She’s been known to chop up harder bass styles to fast-tempo drum and bass to slowed down trap and hip-hop. You’ll hear vocal samples from all things hip-hop, rap, R&B, and house from the past few decades like Missy Elliott and Hardrive. She also throws in a fair share of wobbles and trippy, warped sound effects." -Amanda Savage, Phoenix New Times

Using classic Technics 1200's and CDJS, Stoneypie is a multi-format DJ and producer who utilizes new and old to create an eclectic sound. Rooted in Hip-Hop, Stoneypie also delivers multiple genres that range from Funk, soul, disco, house music.. to electronic, future beats, dnb, jungle, footwork, trap, dubstep, and other bass/beat oriented music. Stoneypie is featured as one of Phoenix, Arizona top 10 Dj's in the Phoenix New Times.


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