SATEC Arts Week is a celebration of the skill and talents of our spectacular students. It is a time to showcase students' creativity and unique voices as artists.
Arts Week -Drama Showcase
Lunch Time: Art Workshops

Original Student Digital Music

Digital music created by Mr. Gladwell's music students.

Original Frames 6 animations created by Ms. Chantziaras' tradigital art class.

Student Art Displays

Arts Week Lunch Time Activities & Workshops

Interactive Artworks-Front Foyer

Art Club- Sticker Making Workshop


Grade 11 Media Arts: Student Short Film Screenings (Original Films)
  1. The Bell
  2. The Bell 2
  3. Lost in Translation
  4. Ghostly Activities
  5. Back to the Cookie
  6. The SATEC Files
Student Art Sale
Art Contests: Speed Drawing and Mona Lisa Scavenger Hunt
Student Art Displays

Tie-Dye T-Shirt Workshop

Finished tie dye shirts
Tie Dye Workshop
Caricature Workshop

Dramatic Arts Showcase

Dance Performances
Samira N.- Drama Showcase

On Thursday, May 16th, Ms. Hodgson's dramatic arts classes performed for the school during the Dramatic Arts Showcase.


Highlights from our Drama Showcase on Thursday, May 16th
Drama Showcase
Drama Showcase "Commercial Break"
Drama Showcase-Highlights
Drama Showcase-Highlights
Gaana Eagles-Dance Group

This year as part of Arts Week 2019, Ms. Choi's dance group, "The Gaana Eagles", performed during the Drama Showcase. They were spectacular!

Special Dance Performances: Gaana Eagles
Amrin K.- Watercolour

Traditional & Digital Art Works

Karen C. Grade 12 Visual Art

Grade 10 Media Arts Animations

Leonie T. -Short Animation -Adobe Animate CC & Wacom Tablet

Aliyaan A.K. -Short Animation -Adobe Animate CC & Wacom Tablet

Grade 11 Media Arts

Emily H- Adobe CC Animated GIF-ASM3M1

Original Student Digital Music & Animations

Visual Art

Joely W.- Digital Illustration
Sketches & Illustrations- Ms. Chao's Grade 11 & 12 Visual Art Classes
Fabbiha S.-Mixed Media
Ms. Chao's Grade 11 & 12 Visual Art Classes
Runjhun D.-Sculpture
Watercolour Paintings- Ms. Chantziaras' Grade 10 Tradigital Art Class
Nastaran R.-Watercolour
Watercolour Paintings-Ms. Chantziaras' Grade 10 Tradigital Art class
Shaira S. - Lightbox Paper Cutout-Grade 11 Media Art class

Thank you to our amazing Arts Week 2019 Team: Ms. J. Hodgson, Mr. J. Gladwell, Ms. H. Chao, Ms. G.Choi, Ms. B. V. Chantziaras and the 2019 Art Club.

Special thanks to our SATEC administrators: Ms. N. Kulendran and Mr. G. Joy.

Cover Art: Uswa S. Grade 12 Visual Arts