Rome trip March 2017

We spent 6 days in Italy, between March 16 - 21, first in Rome and then travelling south to Naples, Sorento, Pompéi and Amalfi.

Day one was our first run through of the city

First a nice meaty meal in the. Ghetto
Yes, meat !!!

And then the walking began

Some of the many steps we braved on this trip
One of many visits to the wonderful Fountain of Trevi
The Panthéon
Inside the Pantheon
Piazza Navona

And then we dined in Trastevere that first night.

Day two consisted mainly of a visit to the Vatican

Day 3 was a very interesting Shabat followed by an unusual Über adventure to get to Euroma2 and then a late night Coliseum tour

Guide Supreme

Day four started with an amazing bike tour of the city, followed by a trip to a very disappointing Cinecitta, a subway ride, and another visit to Trastevere

Piazza di Spagna
Right outside the Gettho

Day five started with some quick shopping and we hit the road to Naples. A weird airbnb experience there, and off to Sorento for dinner and nice coffee.

Essential Italian
Late night gelato

Day six involved getting up at the (ass)crack of dawn in Naples, walking with the luggage to get the car, visit Pompéi, off to Amalfi, and then a three and a half hour car ride back to Fiumicino Airport in Rome

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