Green Stories design that matters, work that inspires

Green Stories is a full function Architectural Design Consulting firm for the twenty-first century. We specialize in residential rehabilitation of long term abandoned properties, multifamily prefabricated modular designs and coastal hurricane resistant design.

Additionally, we provide architects, developers and contractors and home owners with services including: code analysis and review; construction project management; bid support; contract negotiation; submittal, RFIs and change order preparation, and more.

Residential Addition and Rehabilitation
Residential Rehabilitation
Residential Addition and Rehabilitation
Residential Rehabilitation
Residential Addition and Renovation
Renovation of Residential Structure
Union City Midrise Multifamily Renovation
New construction on a narrow lot in a flood zone
New construction in a flood zone
House raising of an existing block structure in a flood zone

Founded in 2012, Green Stories began with a focus on minority involvement in architecture and construction projects. Tom Reynolds teamed up with non-profit developers to provide cost effective design to forgotten neighborhoods. Firm work includes house raising and hurricane resilient design, navigating NJ's complicated recovery funding process. Additional work includes a low- and mid-rise multifamily building.

As we continue to grow, we want to bring our vision of design that matters and work that inspires to your projects.

Thomas Reynolds


Tom has an unending passion for architecture, engineering, construction and design. He had spent almost 10 years with John J Perkins, AIA as an lead architectural designer working on commercial office and warehouse design. Projects including test kitchen for a national brand, offices for financial brands, non-profits and more.

Tom Reynolds holds a LEED Green Associate credential and a FEMA certification for Resilient Design for Coastal Communities.

Tom serves as a founding member and current Vice-President of the New Jersey chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architects, member of the Montclair Zoning Board, and is secretary of BlueWave New Jersey.

Donovan Holtz

Director of Operations

Donovan attended Essex County College, Rutgers and NJIT and holds a degree in Mechanical Engineer. He manages operations and communications for Green Stories.

Donovan is an avid fencer with the Peter Westbrook Foundation in New York City. He continues to fence competitively.

Amy Reynolds

Office Manager

Amy is an alumni of Montclair State University. Amy provides software and IT support, and manages A/R.