Cape Town , South Africa A UNEsCO World heritage site

Cape Floral Region Protected Area is located in the southern tip of South Africa. It is the smallest floristic region of the six floral kingdoms. The diversity of different plant and home to more than 9,000 vascular plants.It is one of the hottest spots for plant species. The protected area show the conservation of the outstanding ecological , biological , and evolutionary process that deals with the beautiful vegetation.

Cape Floral Region has may diverse plants.
Yellow plants near the mountains.

The significance of Cape Floral Region is it has many diverse plant species. Cape Floral Region is also many different marine animal species. Visitors can go see many different plants they never seen before. Cape Town Floral Region is a great learning experience. It gives tourists and amazing dive or plants to study or photograph.

Relaxing plants to look at near the ocean

If Cape Floral Region was neglected or not protected people would pollute it . They would clear the land to build business , condos , shopping strips. If that occurred the life and habits of plants and anism will slowly die off. The biodiversity for other plants and animals wouldn't have a meal to eat. When tourist go visit the site they won't have nothing to look at , but dirt and rocks.

Plants slowly drying out
vegetation dried out due to climate

To visit Cape Floral Region you can take a plane to Cape Town , South Africa. The flight is around 33hr and 5 minutes from Houston to Cape Town. The cost of the flight will vary depending on the airline the cheapest is $899 and most expensive is $1,511. Best gelato stay at in Cape Town Western Cape Town which is 3 hours and 38 minutes from Cape Town Floral Region. There is many restaurants near the hotel such as Col´Cacchio pizzeria , La muse.

Westin Hotel In Cape Town , South Africa
You'll feel like you're home at the Westin Hotel !
Col'Cacchio Pizzeria near Westin Hotel

Cape Floral Region is located on the southern tip of South Africa. The site begins at Cape Peninsula along a mountainous path to the Eastern Cape. The region contains 465 species. It is one of the of most diverse places to visit in South Africa. At this place there is also animals species along with ocean. Cape Floral region has many ecological , biological , and evolutionary process that details with the beautiful vegetation.This region is significant because of the learning experience it provides for people. When tourists go visit this site they will get a variety of plant species to observe and learn about. If the site was neglected people would pollute it by buidlng bussiness , shopping strpis. Traveling to Cape Town , South Africa the prices will vary on the flights. The prices will vary because you can go round trip meaning no delays or take a flight will delays. Cheapest flight is $889 with delays and $1,511 round trip. From Houston , Texas to Cape Town , South Africa the flight will be 33 hours and 5 minutes. The closest hotel near Cape Floral Region is Westin Hotel with many restaurants near it. Hotel is about three hours from the floral region.

Many different plant and animal species to see
Come visit Cape Floral Region to experience the most beautiful site in the world
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