Best WWE PPV's My Personal FAVORITE WWE Payper views

There are 12-17 Paper views (monthly shows) now that the brand extension is back. These are my favourite PPV's in order. Wrestlemania, Royal rumble, Survivor Series, Money in the bank, Elimination Chamber, Summerslam, TLC, Extreme Rules, Hell in a Cell, King of the Ring.
Wrestlemania is WWE's biggest paper view of all time. Wrestlemania ranks alongside the NFL and the FIFA world cup. Wrestling fans call the two months before Wrestlemania "The Road to Wrestlemania" which starts of with the Royal Rumble match.
The Royal Rumble is the favourite paper view for many wrestling fans because it is full of surprises like debuts or returns. The goal of the Royal Rumble match is to toss your opponent over the top rope. A random superstar enters every 90 seconds or two minutes. The last man standing headlines Wrestlemania and the road to Wrestlemania begins.
The Survivor Series paper view is all about teams and brand supremacy. It is usually four against four or five against five matches in elimination rules. Survivor Series is included in the "Big Four Paper Views".
Money in the bank is all about briefcases. The wrestler has to climb the ladder and retrieve the briefcase while other superstars tend to do the same thing. The winner can get a title shot at anytime.
A picture of how competitive Money in the Bank is.
The Elimination Chamber is the last paper view in the Road to Wrestlemania before Wrestlemania itself. It can be with tag teams or individuals. There are 4 chamber pods with superstars in it. Each superstar(s) enters randomly every 5 minutes. The champion(s) and another superstar(s) start off the match. The man/men who eliminates his/their opponents is declared the winner of the Elimination Chamber match.
A picture of the chamber and the 4 pods in it.

Summerslam is the biggest paper view in the summer. Usually, the king of the ring headlines this event and gets a world title shot. Summerslam is almost Wrestlemania quality and it is from the Big Four.

TLC is Tables, Ladders, and Chairs. All three of these match stipulations are used in the show until the TLC match happens in the main event.

Extreme Rules is paper view with special stipulations in matches with extreme rules. This paper view comes right after Wrestlemania and it is memorable for it's extreme moments.

Hell in a cell is paper view that has two or three hell in a cell matches. The cell is covering all of the ring and there are no disqualifications.

A picture of the cell lowering.

The King of the Ring paper view is a 16 man tournament with the winner being called the king of the WWE and main eventing Summerslam for a shot at one of the world championships.

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