It's a Solid...It's a Liquid...It's Oobleck! By: Kenzie Acton & Eden Long


The students and instructors should expect a few things when watching our oobleck demonstration. They should expect to be able to experience the feel of oobleck, and what it does when you squeeze/put force on it and just let it sit in the bowl/in their hands. They might be allowed to put it in their hands. They will be expecting that when they squeeze it or put pressure on it in the bowl the oobleck will turn into a solid. When they just let their hand relax again or put their fingers in the bowl slowly the oobleck will turn back into a liquid and run off their hand. They should expect to see the process in which oobleck is made. The last thing that the students and instructors should be expecting is to hear about what oobleck is used for.

Relevant Chemistry Concept

A physical change is a few different things. A physical change is when a state change occurs. Our demonstration is of a physical change because the state changes and it doesn't create a new substance when pressurized. Our demonstration also shows a state change because the oobleck changes from a solid to a liquid and back again. A state change is when any substance changes it state of matter, to a solid, liquid, or a gas. As you can see, our chemistry concept is that our demonstration of oobleck shows a state change and a physical change.


  • 2 cups of corn starch
  • 1 cup of water
  • food coloring
  • large mixing bowl
  • towel or tray able to fit under mixing bowl
  • something to mix with
  • 3 tablespoons of glitter


  1. First, you should gather the materials you will need.(2 cups of corn starch, 1 cup of water, food coloring, large mixing bowl, towel, and something to mix with)
  2. Second you need to pour your 2 cups of corn starch into the large mixing bowl.
  3. After that, add the food coloring and the glitter to the 1 cup of water, so that your oobleck has color and some sparkles.
  4. Next, add your 1 cup of colored water to the corn starch in the large mixing bowl.
  5. Then, you need to take your mixing tool and mix the ingredients together.
  6. After you use your mixing tool for a couple of minutes, you should use your hands to help mix the ingredients more. (You should take the ingredients from the bottom and put them on top.)
  7. The final step is to play with your oobleck, have fun!

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