Luka's portfolio hi

i like the effect how it makes him look like his head is a blur
i like the splash how it holds itself as it lifts up
some one moves and looks blurry while 1 person stands still
i like how it captures the moment and how the pencil create these intricate shapes


painting with light

i like this photo because of the effect of that ball of light being launched
i like the idea of this photo but i don't think i will be able to to it
i like this photo because it makes a face out of light
i like this photo because it make a 3d shape out of light
i like the ones i chose because of their theme and their lighting which i found hard with some which is the reason for the crossed out ones
i like this photo because i changed the green to red to make it look more demonic
i like this image as the colours make it seem really friendly
i like this image because of the basic shapes with a smiley face

depth of field

i like the one i chose because it has less glare on my face and i crossed out the others because they are over exposed

personal project

i like this because it show the masses of overpopulation in india
i like this photo cause it gives a feeling of change needed
i like the ones i chose because they are well exposed but some are to blury
i like this photo because i edited it to make it look like it was on a tv screen
i like this because the photo is in black ad white to make it look depressing and it shows overpopulation with all the legs
i like this photo it has a bunch of bins in a row and i edited it to look like it was sun rise and the rubbish is being picked up to be recycled or put in a hole in the ground

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