Elf & Safety Newsletter December 2016 University of brighton - accommodation & Hospitality services

Mike will be carrying out Elf & Santa audits this Christmas...
Mike the Health & Safety Advisor has been meeting with managers over the last 8 weeks to carry out heath and safety audits. These involve discussing what arrangements are in place to manage everyone’s health and safety and also looking at documented evidence to back up these arrangements, such as risk assessments, procedures and training records. All teams have now had their health and safety audit and managers have received a report with recommendations to ensure health and safety continues to be managed effectively. Have you been told about the audit and been shown a copy of your team’s audit report and recommendations? All health and safety audit reports are now held on My Department therefore you can access your team’s audit report by clicking on the 'Check out my team audit' button below. You can also have a look at other team audits and see how others are doing.
True or False? The Health & Safety at Work Act was made law in 1974 as an evil plan by the government to destroy Christmas and ban people from decorating their workplaces with dangerous pieces of tinsel and other life threatening decorations. Hopefully you guessed that this is false. There is absolutely no health and safety legislation that bans decorating your workplace. As long as decorations are placed in sensible locations that aren't going to introduce unnecessary hazards (such as increased fire risk) and that any decorations placed at height are accessed by a stepladder and not a chair, you are quite safe to position your tinsel as you wish.
Every quarter Mike puts together the health and safety accident statistics for senior managers in our department and presents these during a Department Managers Team Meeting, chaired by Julie Barker the Director and David Hicks the Deputy Director. Trends in the types of accidents reported are monitored and where necessary, additional resources are provided to address any problems. For example, in Accommodation Services, there is a high risk of violence and/or aggression (V&A) towards staff from customers. Staff report these violent and/or aggressive incidents and as a result, Personal Safety training for these staff is soon to be provided. You can view current and previous health and safety accident/incident statistics reports by clicking the 'I want stats' button below.
A Christmas decorations company has been fined after it sold potentially dangerous pre-lit Christmas trees. Havering Council led an investigation into Premier Decorations Ltd. and took them to court following this. The council and the London Fire & Rescue Service carried out tests on five pre-lit trees sold by the company and found all five of them failed to meet the requirements of the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994. Havering Council Leader said ‘buying a family Christmas tree is a special moment as it marks the start of the festive season and the good will that follows it. We will not tolerate any businesses putting our residents at risk’. Premier Decorations Ltd. Pleaded guilty to five counts at Romford Magistrates Court and was fined £3000 for each count, £9903 in costs and a £120 victim surcharge. If you are buying electrical equipment always ensure you are purchasing it from a reputable retailer. When buying electrical equipment for the workplace the same applies and once the item is over a year old, it must be included on the department’s Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) programme.
We have had an increase in the number of ‘contact extreme temperature’ accidents in our hospitality service. This has been where staff have scalded themselves spilling hot drinks on themselves. Through investigation it has become apparent that staff fill cups to the brim and this increases the risk of spillages. If you serve hot drinks at your hospitality outlet, remember to leave a gap at the top of the cup to reduce the risk of spills and injury. If you burn or scald yourself remember to run the burn or scald under cold water for at least ten minutes. If the burn or scald continues to hurt after this, run it under cold water for a further ten minutes or until the pain has subsided. If problems persists, seek advice from a first aider by calling Ext 2222.
Skyguard is a lone working system that allows the user to contact a dedicated call centre covertly if they run into trouble whilst lone working. To do this, they press the SOS button on the device (pictured) and the call centre listens in on the conversation. If the call centra can hear that the member of staff is being verbally abused, threatened, assaulted etc. they call the emergency services who attend the scene based on the device's global position (GPS). The system has been trialled with our accommodation office staff and is now being rolled out across all Accommodation Services. We hope that no one will need to use the devices, but they act as a good last resort along with the other lone working controls measures that the accommodation offices have put in place.

If you see a hazard, don't ignore it, sort it!!

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