Tasty Treats at Hartzell's by: Mikayla Kahlenbeck

While explaining the choices of ice cream to Beckly, Arroyl also explains the various selection of treats. Not only did Hartzell serve ice cream cones they also served shakes, sundaes, malts, smoothies, slushies, and parfaits. Another very popular treat at Hartzell is called a Spinner.
In the middle of a busy rush, Arroyl scrambles to restock the mix in toppings for spinners. Spinners, which can be compared to Dairy Queen Blizzards or McDonald's Flurries, is a pretty popular treat at Hartzell's. Spinners are made with either soft serve or home made ice cream, normally chocolate or vanilla. Spinners are a very personal treat, each customer can make their's from scratch if they desire. There are 55 different mix ins, toppings, that can mixed into a Spinner. If a customer wants a candy mix in, such as Kit Kat or Twix, the employee chops up a full sized candy bar to add to the Spinner.
Pretty happy with the fast service, Jess LaBella and Sarah Foley enjoy their treats. "They are always pretty fast, and the ice cream tastes so good" LaBella said. LaBella is a more frequent and satisfied customer while it was Foley's second visit.
Showing off a double scoop ice cream cone, Arroyl shows how skilled she is at making presentable cones for customers. A couple flavors included in the 16 home made ice creams are very strange and exotic but very delicious. Arroyl gave some customers a tour of these flavors, some interesting ice creams include cherry wasabi, curried coconut, and chocolate basil. " The chocolate basil was my favorite. I felt like i could taste a spice shop." said Jacqueline Brune.
Arroyl scoops coffee creme ice cream into a milk shake cup for a waiting customer on July 14th. Ice cream is Hartzell's top priority and they specialize in flavors. Hartzell features 16 home made ice creams, along with three soft serve flavors, and 24 syrups a customer could add to a vanilla base to create a different flavor. Hartzell also has two vegan home made flavors, chocolate fudge and bourbon vanilla. They also have a variety of frozen fat free yogurt.
While making Nol Beckly's sweet treat, Arroyl proceeds to set the mixer to a good mixing speed for Beckly's coffee milkshake. " The mixers can't go to fast for milkshakes or it'll be to runny" she said.
Working for ten months now, Arroyl never gets tired of her job. "I love the days where you can greet a customer, serve them, and have them leave with an enormous smile on their face. It's just amazing and makes me look forward to work everyday." said Arroyl. Arroyl's favorite treats at Hartzell are the apple cider home made ice cream flavor and the tropical spinner. The tropical spinner includes coconut flakes, pineapple, and strawberries.
As a car leaves, shuttling people away from Hartzell's, Arroyl gets a slight break before the next rush of customers. Hartzell's is a very popular ice cream shop. being one of the top ten stops in Indiana. Their success and popular business is often lead by their ice cream flavors. One flavor, apple rummie, was nominated one of the best flavors in America.
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